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How Grows It?

Time for a little garden tour! Of course, I can’t keep up with documenting the growing out there, so these photos are at least a week old, but you’ll get the general idea of how things are going.

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Button-spiration: Bag Lady

I’m waaaaay overdue for a Button-spiration post. Have you missed them? I certainly have! Today, finally, a little button love with a simple project. Who can resist a button bag? Certainly not me. In fact, I’m thinking that a trip … Continue reading

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All the Perks

Within days of making my contribution to the Bubblegum Belles Artisan Collective Truck, I received an awesome package in the mail with some of the perks! Best kind of mail day! I’ve been proudly “toting around” my Bubblegum Belles cloth … Continue reading

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Our Week (so far)

A fairly regular, if not weekly, post to share photos of random moments in our lives. No particular rhyme or reason to them, just things we’ve done, or small bits of our lives I’ve finally taken notice of. Thanks for … Continue reading

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Our Week (so far)

I’m sorry the posts have been few and far between lately. Everyday seems full just trying to keep up with the basics. Add in a decent sized garden that demands daily attention, fresh food that needs harvesting (& cooking, eating … Continue reading

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Let The Crafty Times Roll!

Picture this: a pimped out food truck that doesn’t serve up food, but acts as a mobile art & craft store, selling the wares of local Calgary artisans at festivals, outdoor markets & community events. Seriously? YES!!! Seriously! This is … Continue reading

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In The Kitchen

There’s lots of time being spent in the kitchen these days. It’s not the weather that’s keeping us in there, it’s just the season. Growing season means lots of preserving to do. Chopping, freezing, drying, and boiling. Repeat. So how … Continue reading

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Happy Food pt. 3

Finally a third installment in our “Happy Food” series! You can find the previous two posts here and here. This time around I want to share one of hubby’s fave recipes for low-carb “bread”, Almond Butter Bread. I say “bread” … Continue reading

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From Weed To Yummy

Confession: Our backyard is a sea of dandelions. They’ve taken over any area that we left as lawn. In past years, we tried pulling, mowing, even spraying them with vinegar (we refuse to spray any chemicals). This year, I’ve given … Continue reading

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Into the Ground

It’s almost been a full week since our Happiness By the Acre Tree Planting Day out on the farm. Still feels like we’re recovering here or maybe it’s just that we’re still “on the go” so much that last weekend … Continue reading

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