Farm Days: Storm Watching

Farm Days: Life in a Trailer ~ The story of starting a small farm in Alberta


It’s a very different “home sweet home” these days.

A 27′ trailer, our five-year old, my husband and myself, plus two cats. All born and raised in the city. Add in a small generator, some patio furniture, a catio, and a fire pit. Now a good heaping of sweat, dirt covered hands and feet, and laughter. A dash of faith, stewardship, and creation care.

It’s our recipe for the summer.

Good enough is perfect, everyday.

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Canada 150

Happy Canada Day!

150 years, still makes for a young country. And certainly we haven’t done everything right in the past, but I AM proud to be a Canadian and call this nation my birthplace & home. All my days.

So cheers to you, fellow Canadian makers, growers, movers, shakers, dreamers!

Reading Time: Our Fave Nature Books

Reading Time: Our Fave Nature Books ~ Good Reads for Kids


We have quite the book worm in our house, and honestly, reading is pretty important to hubby & I too. We started reading to Sam as a baby, in the toddler years we could pass hours just reading stories to him, and reading time is built into our day-to-day routine even now. We’ve definitely got a lot of favourites! Some are pretty common, others might not be, so that’s why I thought I would start to share some of our good reads.

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To All the Different Mamas

Motherhood Quote ~ Positive Mamas ~ Mom journey through grief & adoption ~ Blog by Bubblegum Sass

Love to all the mamas 💜

I continue to learn about the different kinds of mamas in the world. Those waiting to be mamas, those that have sacrificed their own motherhood to give their child life, the mamas to little angels they never got to meet. Motherhood journeys are vast & varied.

I recognize that Mother’s Day is not always happy. It can be really hard for some. There is sadness to that day for me. We buried my own mom two years ago, on May 12th. I miscarried for the finally time on Mother’s Day of that year. I said goodbye to any chance of having another biological child. I would never again be pregnant.

And I could not have gone through any of those experiences without all the other mamas in my life, supporting & loving on me.

And here we are, praying for some unknown mama to sacrifice her own motherhood so that we can give her child a life in our family. Adoption journeys come from a place of loss. I never want to forget that. The brave birth mom who chooses this path, will have all my heart & respect.

Motherhood. What a complicated & blessed thing.

So Disney{land}

So Disney{land} ~ Disneyland Family Vacation 2017 ~ Doing Disney with a five year old

Oh Disney. You have a special place in my heart and in my daydreams. Disney is my happy place {so are buttons}. It’s no surprise that we’ve been looking forward to our trip, although perhaps me most of all, but Sam & hubby weren’t complaining. In fact, I’m really thankful that the two of them let me indulge in all the Disney crazy. So come along on a little daydream about our recent family trip to Disneyland.

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