A Year In Review: 2015

A Year in Review: 2015 ~ Bubblegum Sass blog ~ handmade business

It’s that time again, when we all sit back and take stock of the past year and start daydreaming of what’s to come. The easiest way for me to get my brain going is to start with tidbits {Wanna know how it compares to previous years? Find them here}:

 Age: 34

Books I kept beside the bed:

  • Jan Karon’s Mitford series
  • Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
  • a couple versions of the Bible

Best Food Discoveries:

  • Cup of coffee from Monogram {best coffee in the world}
  • Coffee beans from Ten Thousand Villages {coffee obviously kept me going this year}
  • Deep fried bone marrow from Charcut

Some highlights:

  • Being a vendor at Etsy Calgary Made In Canada market!!
  • Cracking 200 sales in my Etsy shop
  • Growth of the custom order side of my business
  • Customer reviews that brought happy tears & made my heart swell
  • Sam starting preschool
  • Regular date nights and nights away with my hubby
  • My brother & his family moving to our neighborhood and watching Sam playing with & loving his little cousin

Some disappointments:

  • Only getting to do one market this year
  • Isolating myself {partly out of necessity & exhaustion, and also out of fear}

Game Changers:

  • My mom’s terminal diagnosis at the beginning of 2015, her rapid decline and the intense last month of her life & final passing, obviously changed everything. Absolutely. Everything. It’s STILL changing and reshaping me. It was the reason I only did one market. The reason I limited my social time. It was also the reason why I’ve never felt more close to God in my life. I got a taste of what it’s like to walk hand in hand with God, all day long, during that last month with my mom. That’s the only reason I was able to sit there and watch her exhale her last breath.
  • And if THAT wasn’t enough to change my whole life, then surely having a hysterectomy this fall was. I have no regrets about it. It simply had to be done. It was obviously a sad decision to have to make because we so desperately wanted more children. And it is an event that will continue shape & colour our lives. As the whole surgery & recovery unfolded though, I am now honestly just thankful to be alive and blessed with my health.

A Year in Review: 2015 ~ Bubblegum Sass blog ~ handmade business

Going Forward:

What does all this mean for the coming year? Well, for one thing, it means I absolutely have to spend intentional time on my mental health and self-care. AND I long to figure out how to walk hand in hand everyday with God, like I did that last month with my mom. AND I’m feeling very ready to finally embrace this body of mine {with all it’s imperfections}, visible & hidden {trying this mantra out: beauty is not a number or a shape, it’s me loving me, as I am}.

Honestly though, there are things I’m looking forward to this year, but I’m also very much aware of not having too many expectations. Not out of fear or lack of motivation or trust. It’s because I’ve seen year after year, how God does some amazing things in our lives {whether we want them to happen or not}. What I’m most excited about for this New Year, is how God will surprise us, because I know that He will. When I get out of the way, He can accomplish great things.

Wishing you all many surprises in the New Year, and looking forward to seeing how our stories unfold, together.

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