Adoption Journey: Photo Book

Adoption Journey: Photo Book ~ Our adoption profile book

It’s DONE. It’s printed. It’s been handed over to the adoption agency.

Some people might find the prospect of doing a photo book as part of the adoption process, a wonderful, straight forward, possibly fun step. We stressed over it.

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After all, this will be the birth parent’s first look at us, their first glance into our lives. On their end, it’s a bit like speed dating. They are handed these photo books to make their first possible selections and then decide who they want to meet in person. It’s hard to imagine the emotions that each book or page might stir up.

In the end though, the book is about us. Trying to capture and sum up us. The three of us, plus two cats and our extended family & friends. But mostly us.


Adoption Journey: Photo Book ~ Our adoption profile book


Of course, that brings up the need to define us. And here’s where we stressed a bit. It can be hard to simplify life. To take this vibrant, offbeat world of ours and put it into simple categories. There’s depth to our story that we are eager to share, but how do you do it in 22 pages, and mostly in photos? In the end, we had to realize that the photo book is just the stepping stone to meeting a potential birth family. Given the chance to meet in person, or over time, they will see the other layers to our story.

Or not.

Maybe we won’t get the chance at that type of relationship with the birth family. It’s something we very much desire, but it doesn’t always happen.

So where did we begin? A list. Just a list. A page for us as a family, pages for each of us as individuals, a page for our cats, a page for our farm, a page for our family & friends, a page for our backyard veggie garden, pages for each of us as parents, pages for our travels & adventures, pages for our favourite scripture. 22 pages.

Our life in 22 pages. With so much room to grow.

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