Mom Tribe: Meet Shauna

Trying something a little different here on the blog. I’m opening it up for more collaborative writing with some of my friends, because although I love to blog, I recognize the significance in different voices. I also have a desire to empower other women through writing & sharing our stories. Authenticity & voice at work.

In this spirit, I am pleased to welcome my dear friend Shauna to the blog! She is eager to contribute, so I leave the rest of this introduction to her own {amazing} words.


Mom Tribe: Meet Shauna ~ Mom Blog Collaboration


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In my life-before-motherhood, I was a grade 1 teacher. I enjoyed it. Enough. But I didn’t necessarily find it to be life-giving. Kind of the opposite at times. It was a job, and as such, it was a good way to earn an income and contribute to society. I’m currently a full time mom, and while it’s been the most difficult career, it’s also been the most fulfilling. As a family, we’ve had to make sacrifices to allow for me to stay at home without an income (single car, small home, not a lot of extras or holidays) and they’ve all been worth it. I would have to say that sacrifices have the capability to enhance our quality of life.

I’m rounding the bend now, approaching the inevitable “return to work”, and I’m trying to do so with thoughtfulness and intent. A Bachelor of Education offers so much more than just a classroom position. I may return to classroom teaching position, I may not. But I will very likely return to a child-centric, education-based career of sorts. As long, of course, as it allows me to prioritize my children, my family, myself (*self-care is a big passion of mine) while contributing to the wellbeing of little beings. Until then, I will do my best to soak up these days of young children. They are only getting bigger with each passing day.

Mom Tribe: Meet Shauna ~ Mom Blog Collaboration

I’m a fairly avid fitness enthusiast. I really enjoy a good work out (especially a fun group fitness class…I love barre, cross training and even a spin class every so often). I enjoy running and usually participate in a few race events each year. The Calgary ½ Marathon is one of my absolute favourites and I also really appreciate the MEC series races. I’ve trained for and completed triathlons the past 2 summers which has been a pretty major challenge and sense of achievement (I didn’t grow up riding a bike, so the bike aspect was particularly intimidating). They were honestly a bit stressful to train for so I think I will be taking a rest from it next summer.

I’m a reader. Always have been. My favourite place to read is the bath tub. Favourite authors include: Liane Moriarty//Rachel Held Evans//Jennifer Weiner//Sarah Bessey//Emily Giffin//John Green//Rainbow Rowell. I’ve also been known to enjoy a good young adult series here and there and am a big Harry Potter fan.

Chocolate chip cookies are my love language and I will use any excuse//event//reason to whip up a batch – of which I sample a few before sending them on their way.

Mom Tribe: Meet Shauna ~ Mom Blog Collaboration

I’m passionate about fresh starts and new mornings. That’s probably what actually gets me up in the morning (besides children and their obnoxious tendency of waking up with more energy than I’ve experience for a decade). Especially since the majority of our days feel a bit like a hamster wheel. I’ve gotten in the habit of starting my day earlier than the rest of my family and it’s been very rewarding. That cup of coffee and quiet hour is one of the things that gets me out bed. I crave it.

I’m also pretty passionate about adventuring. Summer is my most favourite season – for the gifts of weather and time. We play hard. We take advantage of our surroundings and opportunities. I’m a big believer that something doesn’t have to be “big” to count as an adventure. I’ve been known to call a trip to the grocery store//library//farmer’s market an adventure. It has a lot more to do with outlook and intention than anything else.

Welcome, Shauna!

Read more about Shauna next week and look for posts
contributed by this incredible lady in the coming months.
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  1. Thanks Sarah! I’m so happy to be here!!! You’re such a special friend and this blog is such a wonderful space. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead!

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