Adoption Awareness Month: Our Own Story

November is National Adoption Awareness Month ~ Our Personal Adoption Journey


The little tiny seed of adoption was planted in our heads when we wanted to start our family, only to discover that I had complications that would make that difficult. Not necessarily impossible. But difficult. Hubby and I sat there facing the possibility that we might not be able to have children of our own. How did that feel? Could we accept that? What other options were we comfortable with?


That was the word that came out of that conversation.

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Almost a year passed, with a major surgery to fix the “complications” and recover. I got pregnant the first month we tried again. And then miscarried.

While I was healing from that loss, a friend invited me to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert. That’s where the seed of adoption got planted in my heart. That night, I learned about adoption as a Christian mission and responsibility. And I was hooked. Although, at the time, I still didn’t know just how much.

As more time passed, we were blessed with the birth of our son, seen as a miracle & blessing by family and friends that knew the extent of everything we were journeying through {not just with pregnancy, but the challenge of my mom’s cancer and the loss of my oldest brother}. And what a blessing Sam has turned out to be. My precious boy.


November is National Adoption Awareness Month ~ Our Personal Adoption Journey


And still. Adoption.

That word persisted. In our conversations with each other and others. And God.

A soft gentle nudging at first.

My health complications came back. Worse than before. It was finally recommended by my doctors to have a hysterectomy. And so we went back to God and asked Him for a sign. Loud and clear. For what we should do.

The next week, I discovered that I was pregnant.

There I was sitting quietly next to my mom in her hospice bed, holding her hand. Joy bursting inside my heart. Prayers seemingly answered. And yet…

Two days later I watched my mom take her last breath. Depart. And find peace.

A week later, I miscarried.

That was the sign. Loud and clear.

“This is not the way. Not my plan for you. There is another way.”

Loud and clear. I finally heard it. With my heart.


November is National Adoption Awareness Month ~ Our Personal Adoption Journey


I had a hysterectomy six months later. And I’m lucky that I did it. My doctors did not know the true extent of the problems. The surgery got complicated quickly and I’m blessed not to have permanent damage elsewhere. People say,  “but it was your choice to have a hysterectomy”, as though there was any other option. There wasn’t. Not once my surgeons saw the mess of things. It would have happened anyway, as an emergent surgery, maybe not for a few more months. But it was part of His plan. I truly believe that.

It’s impossible for me to tell our adoption journey without talking about our faith. When I was being wheeled into surgery, I simply had to have faith and trust that God would grow our family another way. Specifically, that he would place another baby {or two} in our arms. Not born from me. Born from His love.

Somewhere out there. One day. An amazing birth mama will feel a nudging, probably without even really understanding it. And our paths will collide. In His timing.



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One thought on “Adoption Awareness Month: Our Own Story

  1. Such a beautiful and vulnerable story Sarah. Your journey has been so full of trials and I’m so inspired by your faith and peace through it all. Truly a testament. And I just can’t wait to meet the baby (babies!) that will come to join your family.


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