Preparing Heart & Home for Advent

Preparing Heart & Home For Advent ~ A list of resources & inspiration


As the weeks quickly pass and the Christmas season nears, it’s important to slow down.

Stop even.

It’s time to be intentional. With your energy, your focus, your time, and your resources.

We’ve put together a list of links to help you do just that. Things to consider during this special season of Advent.

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These are not meant to be yet another list of “to-dos” {you can find an endless supply of that on Pinterest}. No, in fact, you have complete permission to start this season with a list of “not to dos”. Traps you want to avoid. Unnecessary stresses. Overwhelming situations & schedules. Let them go. It’s ok. The joy of Christmas will come without all of that.

It’s only in recent years that our families have begun to experience Advent as more than a countdown to Christmas. More than a chocolate filled calendar. Each year it’s starting to mean more. To BE more. It’s becoming, through a combination of personal growth and intention, a season of focus and rest and ever-increasing peace.

What follows is inspiration simply for making space in your heart & home for Christ. Turning your focus from the busy, to the important. Do less, make it mean more.


Preparing Heart & Home For Advent ~ A list of resources & inspiration


So choose one thing. Choose five things. But do it with intention. And let the rest go.

Does baking cookies bring you joy or make you sweat anxiously? Is sending Christmas cards to all of your family & friends too overwhelming? Maybe it would be more meaningful to hand write a letter to just a few. Does your heart desire quality family time over all the gift giving? Make it happen.

Above all, put HIM first and see what happens this year.

Here’s our list of resources and inspiration for Advent:




Good Reads {Books}:


Preparing Heart & Home For Advent ~ A list of resources & inspiration


Good Reads {Blogs}:


For Kids/Family:


Printed Inspiration/ Advent Calendars/ Supplies:


{Written & compiled by Shauna & Sarah}
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