Seventy-Two Whole Months

Seventy-Two Whole Months - Turning Six - Mommy Blog


This boy of ours turns SIX years old today!! I can not even begin to fathom that we are parenting a six year old now. It just suddenly happened. I’ve heard it said so many times before of parenthood; the days are long, the years are short. And it is absolutely true.

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Seventy-Two Whole Months - Turning Six - Mommy Blog


Dear Sam,

From the moment we found out about you, our hearts were filled with a joy and anticipation like none we had ever known. Could you sense it? Did you feel how much you were loved already; how much hope you were bringing us & the entire family? The greatest light after a very dark season.

I never got weary of feeling you move inside me. Oh I was weary, but not of all your spins, kicks, punches and hiccups. Deep down I knew I needed to cherish all of it. Goodness, those hiccups of yours! They could send me into giggles.

I still remember the moment I first saw you move. I was on the phone organizing the design for your uncle Blake’s glass urn for his memorial service. I felt a huge flutter and looked down. For a second I thought I was going crazy, but then I saw it, a little “bop” from inside my tummy. It was surreal. And so real. It made you real to me.

The greatest light after a very dark season.


Seventy-Two Whole Months - Turning Six - Mommy Blog


And of course, we should have known that your entrance into this world would not go lightly. After all the we’d already been through, your birth was another lesson in trust & faith. You were born by c-section around 9:30am on January 12th. Your proud papa held you within a minute of your birth. I didn’t get that pleasure until after 11am that morning, but I will always remember how much my heart swelled, the moment you saw me, really saw me, for the first time. You were laying on my chest and heard my voice, and struggled to turn your head to look at me. You knew my voice. And it was like, “oh, there you are mama.” Pure joy. Priceless and simply miraculous.


Seventy-Two Whole Months - Turning Six - Mommy Blog

{Special note – Newborn Sam is actually cuddled in Shauna’s lap in this photo that her husband took}

You were loved not just by us, but by our friends too, who recognized the miracle & blessing of your life. They couldn’t wait to share parenthood with us, and watch you grow & go through life. They’re still watching you & sharing in all the milestones.

Seventy-Two Whole Months - Turning Six - Mommy Blog


You’ve made your papa into not just a “proud papa”, but an even more exceptional man. You bring out the best in us as parents & people {and also, the worst}. We push each other to our limits, and then gently, lovingly help each other back to ourselves again. And we know just how much you want a little brother or sister {or two} to share this life with. I’m sorry we couldn’t give that to you as easily as some parents can. But you have a strong faith, just as we do, that God will help us adopt. That’s a blessing that many kids at your age can’t even begin to comprehend, but here you are, encouraging us to pray every day about adopting {because that’s what we did to adopt your cat GoGo}.


Seventy-Two Whole Months - Turning Six - Mommy Blog


And what a neat kid you’ve grown to be! Your intelligence amazes me. Your observations of the natural world is inspiring. Your resilience, and adaptability to huge change is encouraging. And your humor & desire to make others laugh is just so remarkable. Our lives are filled with more science, math, dinos, and jokes & riddles than I ever pictured it would be! I’m steadily {gently} forcing my creative nature onto you, while you push me into the world of young boys {ninjas, pirates, dungeons & dragons, nature collecting, dino digging, Pokemon, & Geronimo Stilton}. At least we both share a love of colour, cats and candy {and a hundred other things}.

So, my sweet, happy 6th birthday to you. And many, many more.



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