Under Construction: When Focus Needs to Change

Under Construction: When Focus Needs to Change - A mompreneur's tale
“Under Construction” I should have this tattooed on me. Or at least a t-shirt.

We’re pretty much always “under construction”, as we move through our days, weeks, & months. For me, right now, I’m at an interesting tipping point.

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Physically our house is under some renos & re-prioritizing rooms & spaces is leading to some big thoughts & decisions. Not necessarily new wonderings, but more real now. Like having a smaller space for my craft business, which is in turn forcing me to downsize supplies & focus.

Under Construction: When Focus Needs to Change - A mompreneur's tale


Another consideration, is that I have reached a point in our farm business now, that my presence & work is needed more year round. When I first started my craft biz 7 years ago {SEVEN! How can that be?!}, we didn’t even have our farm. With each passing year, my involvement in the farm business has changed & I’ve assumed different roles. Last year, was a big year for me. I started our cut flower business, and did the majority of the weekly veggie harvests while hubby tackled bigger projects. Oh… and the weeding… I’m a professional weeder now.

This year is shaping up to be just as big. Another milestone for our farm, as we introduce chickens & cattle, expand our flowers & veggies, open a farm store and host workshops//pop-ups//farm tours. Ya, just a little bit going on.

With that, my oh so loved Bubblegum Sass biz is officially “under construction”. This mama only has two hands & so many hours I want to “be busy”. And frankly, my hands are calling for the dirt more; for the sun & the flowers. And if I want to feel successful at something, then one of my two big ventures (craft biz & farm biz) needs to sit on the back burner (for a time).

I’ll let you know when the Etsy shop reopens, but for now, I’m focusing on growing plants, prepping for chicks & cattle, and organizing our farm store. Which, of course, I will share the whole journey with you on here in the coming weeks.

Thanks for all your patience, my loves!


Under Construction: When Focus Needs to Change - A mompreneur's tale

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