Farm Days: Farmhouse Bathrooms

Farm Days: Farmhouse Interior Inspiration - Farmhouse Style Bathrooms


Now I know that there’s probably some more interesting topics out there than discussing bathrooms, but you have to admit, there is something to a pretty bathroom. Maybe because the bathroom at our house in Calgary is tiny, or maybe because we’ve never had indoor plumbing on the farm, but for whatever reason, I’m super stoked about our farmhouse bathrooms {yes, two}! Plenty of thought, envisioning, and daydreaming is going into them, so I figured I would dish a bit.

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First off, there is indeed TWO bathrooms. They’re on the small size of moderate, but bigger than what we have currently have at home. Basically, you’ve got to keep in mind, that we’ve tried really hard to keep our square footage {and our environmental footprint} low. The building is mostly garage/work space on the main level with a small kitchen and bathroom, while the upper level has another bathroom, one bedroom, and open living space. It will be plenty big for the three of us, and the two cats. It should also be fine for any other family additions until the kids get older.


Farm Days: Farmhouse Interior Inspiration - Farmhouse Style Bathroom


So bathrooms… yes, the idea of flush toilets, and full sized shower still gets us excited! The upper bathroom has a bathtub & shower combo, although the layout of the room requires narrow profile vanity & cupboards with under 17″ depth {which we were able to find at Ikea, thankfully}. We’ve decided go with a turquoise/aqua and white colour scheme. And because of the window in the room, the entire tub/shower area will be tiled.

The hardest part was finding the tile to match my vision, but we did! I still haven’t gotten to see the aqua tile in person, but hubby says they are gorgeous! There are simple white Hexagon tiles for the main walls, while the turquoise mini tiles will go on the window wall. The darker aqua/teal tile will become the back splash by the sink.


Farm Days: Farmhouse Interior Inspiration - Farmhouse Style Bathrooms


The bathroom on the main level is just off the garage space. It has a corner shower unit. We’ve decided on a chrome, white & bamboo theme for it. The tile we picked out is a mosaic with glass, ceramic & brush metal pieces. I love this vanity from Ikea, although it’s the first “drawer-style” sink cabinet we’ve owned, so we’ll need to make sure to pick up some drawer organizers.


Farm Days: Farmhouse Interior Inspiration - Farmhouse Style Bathroom


Lighting is proving to be a bit of tricky decision. Hubby and I have different ideas of what will and won’t work, and there’s always the budget to keep in mind. We’ll get it sorted out soon, or rather, we need to get it sorted out soon.

One thing I’m going to slip off and splurge on are switch plate covers, hooks, handles. I learned several years ago, that those simple details bring me a lot of daily happiness. My fave place to score some unique ones are at Anthropologie {so dangerous to step foot in there, but so worth it}. Another store on my list to visit is Structube {although not necessarily for bathroom bits, they have drool-worthy items I’d love to decorate with}.

All our farmhouse bathroom ideas are being collected on Pinterest, with lots of small space storage in mind, if you need more inspo!

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