Friday Fun Facts

Friday Fun Facts: Blogger, Mama, Farmwife, Crafter - Getting to know Bubblegum Sass

A new little series on the blog, Friday Fun Facts is just what it sounds like! Sharing some random tidbits about each of the blog contributors, so you can get to know us more. I’m starting us off this week by talking about my early years…

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Friday Fun Facts ~ Early Years ~ Sarah

  • I was born right here in Calgary, at the Foothills Hospital
  • Had the privilege of attending lots of the 1988 Olympic events & my oldest brother even worked as one of the Hidy & Howdy mascots
  • My first job was working at the Calgary Public Library in Bowness, re-shelving books {looooved it}
  • I graduated from Bishop Carroll High School, which offers a unique “self-directed learning” program {no formal classes or schedules}
  • My parents are from Colorado, so growing up, we spent time every summer road tripping to Colorado Springs to visit family there {amazing memories & special love for that area}


What about you? We’d love to get to know our readers more! Leave a fun fact or two in the comments.

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