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Friday Fun Facts: Mama, Wife, Fitness Addict, Jesus Feminist - Get to know our blog contributor


Who’s excited to know a bit more about our contributor, Shauna? Well, it’s her chance to dish on the “early years” in this week’s installment of Friday Fun Facts! Grab your coffee {or tea} and take a peek.

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Friday Fun Facts ~ Early Years ~ Shauna

  • I count myself among the minority of those born and raised in Calgary (after my parents migrated west from St Catharine’s, Ontario during “the boom”)
  • I am the oldest of four children – 1 brother and 2 sisters (and have a deep felt theory that in a family of that many people, it’s impossible for everyone to be happy at the same time…there’s always at least one grumpy person left out of the equation)
  • I was incredibly shy and fairly awkward (being tall and lanky didn’t help things either)
  • my best friend, almost from birth, remains to be a best friend and is also a contributor here (Jan!) (Mary Poppins was our favourite movie and we used to act it out on a regular basis)
  • I was a sports fanatic – particularly the Calgary Flames and Toronto Blue Jays (under the influence of my dad) (we actually lived in Ontario when the Jays won their first of 2 consecutive World Series…very exciting times!)
  • my family lived on a dairy farm in Northern Ontario when I was 8-10 years old (though I helped with chores, the kittens were my favourite part)
  • we moved back to Calgary in my grade 6 years and spent most of our summers traveling back to Ontario to visit family (I think I’ve driven across Canada about 10 times)
  • I (eventually) graduated from Crescent Heights High School (class of ’98!) (I started kindergarten when I was 4 years old was actually the youngest graduate in our class, not exactly a claim to fame.)
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