Farm Days: Farmhouse Kitchen

Farm Days: Farmhouse Interior Inspiration - Farmhouse Style Kitchen


The farmhouse build is chugging along! The growing season will be upon us before we know it {we’ve already got seeds started} and this space needs to get functional real quick! I understand & fully accept that we will be settling into our farmhouse over the coming years, so not every room is going to be completely polished in adorable decor by June. Gosh, we probably won’t even have “finished” flooring in large chunks of the house. C’est le vie. But functioning toilets, sinks & showers and a mostly completed kitchen are top on my list. Today, I’m sharing a peek at the kitchen progress.

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Farm Days: Farmhouse Interior Inspiration - Farmhouse Style Kitchen


We went with Ikea cabinets, which we used at our house in the city a few years ago. We purchased solid wood counter tops. The space is small, u-shaped, with two windows. It’s open to the stairs leading to the second floor. The “front door” of the building opens directly into this space and there is also a door off the kitchen that leads into the garage/workspace. It’s going to be a space with lots of coming & going.


Farm Days: Farmhouse Interior Inspiration - Farmhouse Style Kitchen


Because the space is compact, we didn’t want to install upper cabinets, for fear it would feel too cramped. We will put in open/floating shelves for dishes & such. We ordered a small, apartment sized fridge without a freezer for the kitchen and a separate small deep freeze (which we will put in the garage). We also have a two-burner induction hotplate on it’s way (we’ve been living on a one-burner hotplate for the past month, so a two-burner is going to feel extravagant). No oven. But dreaming of building a cob oven outside one year. We did the majority of cooking last summer out on the fire pit, and will likely do more of that.


Farm Days: Farmhouse Interior Inspiration - Farmhouse Style Kitchen


My visual inspiration for the space. Eclectic, mix-and-match, with earthy & aqua nods. We’re considering hand painting our own accent tiles for the back splash, paired with simple white/cream tile. We’re falling in love with a super funky tile for the floor, but need to think on that more. I’m definitely headed down to Anthropologie soon to get an assortment of cupboard knobs & handles. We agreed on doing a variety, instead of having them all the same. Oh and copper! Finding myself really drawn to copper as a material & palette for the farmhouse.

I’ve got more of my farmhouse kitchen inspiration collected on Pinterest!

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