Living With Essential Oils: Mermom Roll-On

Mermom Roll-On Recipe from Bubblegum Sass


Who does it better? Mermaids or moms? How about a super combo of both? Ya, that’s more like me. Mermom. Ironically I don’t have a love affair with the ocean or water. Instead, my appreciation of mermaids is in their representation of duality & beauty. They seem like the perfect representation of momlife, where adaptability, discernment, and inner beauty/confidence are important.

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Mermom Roll-On Recipe from Bubblegum Sass


The past few years, I have used essential oil roll-ons to help with anxiety, stress, & patience in my daily momlife, and also for PMS {sad to say even a hysterectomy doesn’t save you from the mood swing cycles}. I’ve had an itch to try one of the mermaid roll-on recipes I keep seeing around, but knew it would need a little tweaking. Many of the blends call for Peace & Calming, which is an extremely popular oil blend. And it makes me physically ill. One deep sniff and my tummy turns. I generally avoid using it. Silly, since who needs more peace & calming than a busy mom?!

There is a saying that, “when you don’t like the smell of an oil, it means your body really needs that oil.” I’m not sure I completely believe this as rule, since scent is part of our basic survival instincts. Aversion is important to notice and consider. I DO think that sometimes, we aren’t quite ready to accept a scent. Just like different smells connect to individual memories, I think different stages of life call to different smells. Scent preferences change as our situations change within & around us.

So I took what I had seen of other mermaid blends and adjusted it to fit my own senses. And I haven’t been able to put it down! I’ve applied & reapplied it throughout my days. Excited to share it with you!


Mermom Roll-On recipe from Bubblegum Sass

Quick Notes:

  • Valor II: uplifting mood boost
  • Lavender: calming; relieves tension
  • White Angelica: positive atmosphere; security & optimism
  • Stress Away: unwind & relax
  • Peace & Calming: enhance relxation

To make this roll-on blend, I simply placed the required drops of essential oils into a bottle {got my pretty mermaid bottle from Simply Essentials Co. shop} and then added a carrier oil to dilute. I use either coconut oil or apricot kernel oil and only filled half a 10ml bottle. Apply to wrists or back of neck and take on the day!

Happy oiling, friends!

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