Still counting the ways…

Make-It Edmonton Christmas 2011… that this week is gonna rock!

6.  Meeting some amazing artists & designers, including many fellow Etsy team members! AND learning a ton from all of them. Always learn something new at every show I go to.

7. Listening to live music by local artists!

8. Getting a chance to talk to all the awesome folks that will come through the show over the course of four days!

9. Doing a bit of shopping for myself and baby, cause there’s nothing better than buying handmade and local! Seriously.

10. Come Sunday at 5pm, I will be exhausted, but truly satisfied, no matter how much I sell. Eight months pregnant, running my own crafty business, what’s not to be proud of? (Just tooting my own horn a little here)

*If you plan to attend any or all the days of Make It, grab a $2 off admission coupon! And remember, you only pay once to shop for four days! Also, the lovely organizers of Make It are running all sorts of contests, with great prizes up for grabs. Check out their blog for more info.*

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