Super Treasury Love

Had a lovely surprise today! And of course it was perfectly timed too, as all thing seem to be. Was feeling really down about my Etsy shop and wondering what to do with it in the New Year. And then, it happened. Something that has always felt soooo far out of reach… one of the treasuries that I curated ended up on the front page of Etsy!!! Can you tell that I’m just a “little” excited about it?!

Silver Head To Toe is a New Year’s Eve/holiday party themed treasury. And so as this year comes to a close, I can happily say that I achieved two of my big goals with my Etsy shop. First, I sold an item to a complete stranger from another country. Check. Done. Second, managed to have one of my treasuries featured on the front page. Check. Done. There’s lots of other little achievements, of course, but these two were actually written down in my list of “I know I have reached a level of success, when…” items. Huge thanks to all those Etsy folks who viewed, clicked, and favored that treasury! Made my day and gave me just the positive boost I need to head into the New Year.

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One thought on “Super Treasury Love

  1. CONGRATULATIONS Sarah! That’s so excited…and well deserved. You work hard. I hope you can truly find peace and confidence in all that you accomplished this year!!!

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