Ten whole months (and a bit)

Sam playing with toysThis post is a bit late. And my iPad keeps losing all my previous attempts to write this, so it will be brief. Sam has been sick again. I came down with his cold, just when he was finally feeling better. Hubby’s work schedule has changed over the past couple weeks. Four days off, which is wonderful, but the three days a week he does work, are very loooong days (we’re all still adjusting to that). Needless to say, things have felt hectic, chaotic, a little isolating, and now there’s lots of catching up to do.

A few weeks ago, Sam weighed 24.5 lbs.

He’s still growing, still getting taller.

His one little tooth that started popping through last month, quickly turned into five and now six (he’s quite ambitious).

Sam with Doctor Meow bookLoving his new toothy smile.

His new fav book is Doctor Meow’s Big Emergency by Sam Llyod (I’m sensing a cat theme, since his last fav book was this).

Story time takes up a good chunk of our days. He’s quite content and very insistent that you read, re-read and read again the same few books.

Some of his evening time is now filled with helping mama & papa with laundry. We tip the basket over, sort diapers, play with clothes pins (he’s fascinated with them) and ride in the basket.

When all else fails, hold a grumpy, crying, sick baby up to the window so he can watch the snow fall. Silence and smiles ensue. Ahhhhh…

Sam with Big Red Barn bookA clean sewing room creates a safe & interesting place for baby to play while mama attempts to do a little crafting (especially since I’ve had orders come in).

A clean sewing room is saving mama’s sanity these days.

A super special, soft, silky blanket with satin binding is saving Sam’s sanity these days. It’s his new fav thing and he can’t sleep without it now. My baby boy has an official blankie!

Still no forward crawling, although he can go backwards a bit.

He can pull himself up into a sitting position from the ground.

He tries to climb into my lap and loves to grab onto my pant legs while I’m standing.

Sam with The Snowy Day bookWe’re realizing just how much of a cuddle bug our little boy is, and enjoying every minute of it.

We’re enjoying the musical stylings of Taylor Swift these days, thanks to a special friend (you know who you are!). Sam likes to bob his head along and thinks it’s amusing when mama dances.

His fav foods these days include yogurt, liver wurst, arrowroot cookies, Annie’s pasta, cheese, and pepperoni sticks.

Three surprising new things he seems to enjoy are my curried chicken in coconut sauce, curried carrot & ham soup, and grits.

Loving his new Padraig Cottage booties (made in Canada)! Thanks for turning on us to them, Lisa! We went with the most colourful pair we could find, of course. Rainbows for my baby!!

And I’m sure there’s just so much more that happens each day that I miss, or take for granted. All the different ways he plays, explores, sleeps, and communicates. Things are changing so quickly. Feels like that’s the way it has been since we welcomed him into the world. And there doesn’t seem to be any sign of that slowing. Getting very excited for his first Christmas, and then his first birthday in January! First birthday?!?! Crazy!

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2 thoughts on “Ten whole months (and a bit)

  1. Thanks for another update, Sarah…I know how much effort they are (but also how rewarding they are as memories). And way to go Sam with all the growing up!!! It really does happen ridiculously fast. We will continue to pray for your little family during this time of adjustment and looooong days. We’re always happy for a visit (as long as work schedules permit) so let us know if it’s a particularly long day and we can do our best to come over. And lastly – yay for loving Taylor!!! That makes me smile.

    love, shauna

    1. Oh I know you understand the pressure of the monthly baby blog post, but you’re right. I will really appreciate having done them. Can’t wait to collect all the posts into a book, actually!

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