First steps

I started my first day of the 30×30 Nature Challenge with a short trip out to the family cabin. I needed to check on things out there and took some time to go for a walk.

It was in the isolation, listening to the trees creak, that I realized just how much pain I’m still learning to let go of. The cabin originally belonged to my oldest brother. When he was still alive, I only had a handful of happy memories out there. The rest were clouded by anger. Once he passed away, it was easy to let go of some of that anger and forgive him. The pain that still lingers these days is in the wish that he was here to forgive me. I miss him.

With each strong breeze that blows out there, with each swaying tree, the cabin becomes more of a comfort. I wrap myself up in all the things that he touched, while making new memories with my little family. The cabin is becoming a place where his past and my present can live together in some kind of harmony.

I can’t wait to see the memories that Sam will have of this place.

Alberta forest and mountain scape

Prayer flags


Old log fence

Rusty horseshoe

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