Green things

How about a little tour of our veggie garden? I can’t take any credit for this. My hubby is the green thumb and mastermind behind it all. I lend a hand where I can (plant some seeds here & there, weed a bit, mostly protect plants from a very curious baby boy). I do get to enjoy the benefits of all this, though. Tasty salads, caramelized radishes, roasted broccoli, lots of fresh green onions. Looking forward to the peas (my favourite), beans, tomatoes, oh and the squash! Here’s hoping the hail holds off.

Raised veggie beds
Raised veggie beds with our new mulch

Veggie garden greens

Yummy radishes
Lettuce greens
Tasty lettuce greens
Pretty chard
Tickly chive (Sam likes the feel of it)
Pea blossoms
Gorgeous pea blossoms
Growing our own dill this year for pickling
Mint patch (struggling a bit)
Broccoli (we've gotten to enjoy lots of it this year)

Sam in the garden
My little garden helper
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