Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

We love checking out the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo whenever we go to Colorado Springs. This year, Sammy was able to feed to giraffes (a fun experience for young & old alike). Yes, the tongue of a giraffe is REALLY that long, even a bit longer. Anyway, you can get really up close & personal with these guys. The Cheyenne zoo is known for their giraffe breeding program.

Feeding giraffes 1
Someone's having fun 😉
Feeding giraffes 2
Mmmm... yummy lettuce
Sammy petting a lion 1
Not too sure about whether he should touch the lion
Sammy petting a lion 2
I told him it was ok, not a real lion, & he started petting it

Sammy watching bird at zoo
We were all super fascinated by these birds, the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
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