Merry Christmas!

Hot chocolate, image from VeerWishing you all a VERY merry Christmas! We are headed to our family cabin in the woods for a couple of days to spend some Christmas time with my parents and my brother & his wife. There’s lots of snow out there, so I’m picturing snowshoeing, hauling wood, cuddles by the fireplace, & lots of tasty treats to fill our bellies. It should be quite peaceful out there (or as peaceful as it gets with an-almost-two-year-old running around & demanding plenty of attention). We will be driving to the village of Clive to spend Christmas Eve with my hubby’s family. Another country Christmas, which depending on the whether, usually includes a hayride through the streets & caroling. There’s also quite a bit of jolly drinking. We’re going to spend the night at a hotel in Lacombe and then finally head home to our own Christmas tree on Christmas morning. We’ll be pooped out by the end and glad to be back in our own home. Then, it’s a day of rest, a birthday and another Christmas… oh my…

Safe travels to you all! Hope you’re able to enjoy a cuppa with someone special over the holidays, a cookie with a friend, hug your loved ones, and make a few priceless memories!

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