Welcome to our family farm, Happiness By The Acre!


We are incredibly blessed to have a small farm near Carstairs, AB. By small, I mean 150 acres (so small in these parts, but it feels huge to me standing out in the field). It’s a complete work-in-progress.

The story goes a little something like this:

“City couple gets tired of a life in the tech sector. Longing for more hands on work, fresh air, simple living, and a way to contribute to the local food movement, they buy a farm. Faith filled & driven by a soulful desire to bring awareness to creation care, the couple {now a small family with the addition of their son}, embark on a journey, they’ll never forget.”

Heard that one before? Probably not. Although, by no means entirely unique, it’s not exactly the typical family story.

Happiness By The Acre - Alberta Farm Life

So far we have moved from leasing our farm to a grain farmer, to seeding our fields back to pasture. In 2017, our farm was harvested for silage, while we managed a small market & flower cut garden. 2017 also saw major infrastructure building including, perimeter & cross-fencing, a large dugout, road, well, sceptic, power lines, and our first farm building was begun. We spent our first summer, full-time on the farm too.

What will 2018 bring? The completion of our farm building {where we will live & work during the growing season} is top priority. We also have plans to finish our irrigation system, increase our market & flower garden production, introduce a small flock of chickens, host a small herd of cattle on our pastures and build our farm store. Phew! Ya. Busy, busy times ahead.

I post occasionally about our farm adventures on the blog, but for the full story check out our website or stay up-to-date by following us on Instagram.

Happiness By The Acre - Alberta Farm Life

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