Welcome to our family farm, Happiness By The Acre!


We are incredibly blessed to have a small farm near Carstairs, AB. By small, I mean 150 acres (so small in these parts, but it feels huge to me standing out in the field). It’s a complete work-in-progress.

The story goes a little something like this:

“City couple gets tired of a life in the tech sector. Longing for more hands on work, fresh air, simple living, and a way to contribute to the local food movement, they buy a farm. Faith filled & driven by a soulful desire to bring awareness to creation care, the couple {now a small family with the addition of their two sons}, embark on a journey, they’ll never forget.”

Heard that one before? Probably not. Although, by no means entirely unique, it’s not exactly the typical family story.


Happiness By The Acre - Alberta Farm Life


So far we have moved from leasing our farm to a grain farmer, to seeding our fields back to pasture. In 2017, our farm was harvested for silage, while we managed a small market & flower cut garden. 2017 also saw major infrastructure building including, perimeter & cross-fencing, a large dugout, road, well, sceptic, power lines, and our first farm building was begun. We spent our first summer, full-time on the farm too.

In 2018, our modest farm building {where we live & work during the growing season} was completed. Still lots of finishing to happen inside, but that will come with time. Irrigation was put into our market garden, so we could increase our veggie & flower production. We purchased a small box of chicks to start our laying hen flock and also hosted a small herd of cattle {calves, cows & two bulls}  on pasture. Oh and our farm store was opened. And a barn built. Phew! Ya. Busy, busy year.


Happiness By The Acre - Alberta Farm Life


In 2019, we reintroduced our own CSA and sold veggies & eggs at regular markets throughout the season. More fencing was built to protect future shelter belts {being planted next year}, and year-round watering system was installed. We dived further into raising chickens, by buying 100 more chicks in the spring. This has enabled us to focus on selling eggs in our year-round CSA! We once again hosted a herd of cattle over the summer months and continue to learn so much from that experience. We got a tractor! That was another big step for us!



And next year? More big changes coming. Some are physical changes to the farmland {crazy amount of trees being planted}, and some are changes to our business plan. We’re moving away from veggies which has been the focus of our farm since the beginning and turning our efforts to raising happy, healthy animals.

I post occasionally about our farm adventures on the blog, but for the full story check out our website or stay up-to-date by following us on Instagram.

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