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When I started using Lavender oil to help with sleep almost three years ago, I never would have imagined that, today, oils would play a significant part in my daily life. It’s hard to picture our days without them. I miss the diffusers at home when I have to be away for more than a day or two. I keep a couple essential roll-ons in my purse at all times. I still get excited to try new oils, new diffuser recipes, and DIY bath & beauty products. And blog about them too!

And yes, I still to this day, use Lavender oil to help with my sleep. Every. Night.



So ya, I guess I lead an oily life. Although, I’m not exactly the typical essential oil evangelist you might come across. I’m thankful for my oils guru, Jan, and her genuine care & enthusiasm.

My favourite part about the essential oil community {and Young Living in particular} is learning from each other! That’s really what I like to focus on with the blog {you know, when we’re not talking about mom life challenges, crafty endeavors, faith and all that}.

All this to say that… if you are interested in essential oils, in any way shape or form, I’m happy to listen. Even happier, if I can help. Make sure to check out all the tutorials, info and inspiration that my oils crew & I post!



Happy Oiling, Friends!

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