Still counting the ways…

Make-It Edmonton Christmas 2011… that this week is gonna rock!

6.  Meeting some amazing artists & designers, including many fellow Etsy team members! AND learning a ton from all of them. Always learn something new at every show I go to.

7. Listening to live music by local artists!

8. Getting a chance to talk to all the awesome folks that will come through the show over the course of four days!

9. Doing a bit of shopping for myself and baby, cause there’s nothing better than buying handmade and local! Seriously.

10. Come Sunday at 5pm, I will be exhausted, but truly satisfied, no matter how much I sell. Eight months pregnant, running my own crafty business, what’s not to be proud of? (Just tooting my own horn a little here)

*If you plan to attend any or all the days of Make It, grab a $2 off admission coupon! And remember, you only pay once to shop for four days! Also, the lovely organizers of Make It are running all sorts of contests, with great prizes up for grabs. Check out their blog for more info.*

Let me count the ways…

Make-It Edmonton Christmas 2011… that this week is going to rock!

  1. Crocheting, sewing, & hot gluing as much product as I humanly can (nothing like a deadline to get me motivated)!
  2. Tagging, packaging, & packing
  3. Playing tetris with boxes & bags in order to fit a booth’s worth of product & display of two people into one vehicle
  4. Road tripping with a crafty friend to Edmonton! Tim Horton’s anyone?
  5. Four days of selling what I love to make, surrounded by over a hundred other awesome designers & artists from all over Canada, including my booth-mate Kalen of Minibytes at this year’s Make It Edmonton!

Stay tuned for more ways on how this week is gonna rock!

Hittin’ the Road

Tomorrow evening hubby and I will load up the car and drive up to Edmonton for this month’s Handmade Mafia event in conjunction with the Edmonton Art Walk. It will be my first out-of-town craft show and fingers crossed, all goes well. The event runs Friday, July 15th and Saturday July 16th from 10am-5pm at the Strathcona Baptist Church (8318-104 Street). I’ll have my usual bits and bobs with me: purses, floral hair combs, button magnets, my mom’s bookmarks and coffee cozies. I also whipped up some floral pins, after several requests from folks for those. So we’ll see how things sell up North. I’m quite keen to meet some more fellow Etsy Alberta Street Team members. There are quite a few of them in the Edmonton area who regularly attend the HMM events.

It’s a bit of an adventure, especially right now when my adventures have been limited to extra naps and trying to remember to eat & drink more regularly. Although we did take on that camping trip in June, which turned out interesting. Here’s hoping that this trip doesn’t involve anyone needing stitches. We’re going to spend Sunday hanging out at West Edmonton Mall. I’ve only been there once and I was just a little thing at the time. Mostly I remember splashing around a kiddy pool in the water park. Some shopping might be in order this time around.

Wish me luck. I’ll try to post about how things go at the sale and maybe even get some pics of fellow team members up next week. For now, I should get back to packing up all the craft show gear. Enjoy the rest of the week and weekend! If you’re in Calgary, you might be tempted to take in the last few days of the illustrious Stampede or at least score a random free pancake breakfast somewhere.