Sassy crafter

Corbis business cardWell it has been almost a month and a half since my last day at work. Not sure where the time has gone. I’ve obviously been keeping quite busy with all my sewing. In all honesty, I have not missed my work. Sure, I’ve missed my co-workers, but thankfully had the opportunity to meet and chat with them and even had a crafty play-date. The work itself though, has rarely crossed my mind. It was time to move on, I’m certain of that and still feel quite relieved to have been “transitioned” out of the company (a polite way of saying laid off).

Although I toasted to that end with a drink (or two or more), I felt like I still needed to officially acknowledge this fairly major change. After watching Lemonade the movie back in January, I had become determined to participate in Cards of Change, a site that collects the stories of folks who’ve been laid off and yet manage to see the bright side of it all. People are encouraged to take their old business cards and write down one positive change since their lay off. I’ve been staring at my old Corbis business card for quite some now, wondering what to do with it. The result of which you can see here.

Looking on the bright side of all this change? Oh yes, I still am, even after a month and a half. This past week has been especially difficult to stay positive about life in general. That is why it seemed so important to take a step back and remember, with the challenges I face in life, I still have my gifts and talents. And I intend to use them.

I’m feeling so very thankful for Bubblegum Sass these days. Thankful too, for all the folks who support me.

**My Cards of Change submission was approved. View it on their site here**

Blissfully making…

Debbie Bliss EcoBaby Sweater… stuff for babelettes. Not my own, mind you. Let’s be very clear about that. Seems like I am surrounded by wonderful, beautiful expectant mothers these days. It is such a blessing! It’s been a lot of fun walking alongside friends as they go through their first pregnancies and the coming months will continue to be full of change and excitement. Plus, my friends have given me the perfect excuse to make baby things!! Precious, sweet, cute, baby things! And so the blissful making has begun.

I’m actually planning on sewing a number of the baby items, but I got started on a couple new crochet sweaters just for fun. Couldn’t resist buying this lovely yarn after a trip to Pudding Yarn, our local yarn heaven. It’s the Debbie Bliss EcoBaby fair trade, organic cotton. I’m using this Multi-Coloured Top pattern that I found on Etsy. It’s been fairly easy so far. Vita’s patterns are very clear and have good photos to clarify the special stitches used. Just need to make the sleeves and sew it all together and then I can add it to the small pile of baby items that will surely grow over the coming weeks.

Happy crafting to you all on what some call Valentine’s Day, and others call Monday!

Navigating through change

(please note my sarcasm and slight cynicism in that blog title)

Feels like I have been away from writing much on here lately. I just keep popping in for a quick photo or treasury post. Sorry for that. I’ve been at a bit of lost at what to write. Things have been more stressful and as my last week at work approaches, I’ve definitely been increasingly blue. It is still exciting to think about becoming engrossed in the Bubblegum Sass business, but the reality is, I will need to get a part-time job somewhere. For now, that somewhere, is pretty elusive. Having to say good-bye to folks (and a regular schedule) is a sad fact.

The month of February will be spent attending workshops and receiving one-on-one sessions with a “career transition” consultant (I’m actually looking forward to it, in case you are wondering about any sarcasm). It just makes me laugh a bit about the terminology that ends up being used to put a positive spin on things. Like “rightsizing” instead of “downsizing”. You’re not “laid off” these days, you’ve just been “transitioned” out of the company.

Anyway, on top of time spent on that, I will also be searching for a part-time job, building up the inventory in my Etsy shop, applying for upcoming craft shows, and crafting up a storm (things to sell and things to give). Why does February have to be the shortest month?! Le sigh.

For now, I’m trying to figure out ways to keep my sanity a bit more in the coming months. Using the pounching bag in the basement is on the list, as is, getting together (and going out) with friends a bit more. Winter here can keep you cooped up. Any good suggestions for keeping your sanity and perspective through periods of unemployment (aka “career transitions”)?

More than one fresh start

Woman wearing orange scarfIt never ceases to amaze me how things seem to happen at just the right moment. Of course, in that moment, it is easy to feel like everything is wrong, it shouldn’t be happening, life isn’t fair, things would be so much better if… Looking back though, you have a bit clearer perspective and maybe you start to see how that moment was just the right moment. If it had happened any other way, things would be going so very differently, and it really might not be better.

Kinda abstract for a Saturday morning, I know. I’ve written a bit about this before, but it’s monumental enough to reflect on again, this year was the craziest roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on. The highs were super high, the lows were so low, they were sub-level. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Facing challenge after challenge made me realize at my inner most core simply, that I could. A year (or more) of life altering situations and experiences has truly given me a strength I didn’t know I had and a faith that I hope to keep burning inside me.

Sure, I didn’t come out the other side perfect. My heart has been hardened quite a bit. Resentments and anger are taking up some space in there. I really want to let those go. Some days it is easier than others and whatever 2011 brings, I know that I will still be facing some of the challenges that 2010 has left behind.

For all those perfectly timed moments this past year, I give thanks. Thanks because it has given me a list of fresh starts for this New Year:

  • new yarn and needle felting supplies to make into all sorts of lovelies
  • an AeroGarden for a third attempt at my herb garden
  • a heavy punching bag in the basement to work out some anger on
  • an online shop that is ready to open now open
  • a body that is healed and ready to see if there is children in our future
  • a new Bible to learn from
  • a layoff that will lead me to a new career

Happy New Year everyone! Greet this day as one of the many fresh starts to come!

That time again, with turns ahead

Christmas bird ornamentAnd I’m not just talking about Christmas, although I am trying to remain in the spirit of the season. This year has been one of the craziest years I’ve lived through. It was month after month of riding such a huge emotional roller coaster. Every truly wonderful thing was so quickly followed by something down right tragic. I’m not an overly dramatic person, but when I talk about ups and downs this year, I mean life and death-type stuff (although thankfully, that’s not the challenge I am currently facing). I should have known that following such an amazing weekend at Market Collective, during which I finally felt like I’d found my passion, I would be hit with some hard news. So for now, I’m in one of those upside down twists in the roller coaster. That’s just the way this year has been. It is humbling. Truly humbling. And a bit motion sickness inducing. The whole expression of old doors closing and new doors opening springs to mind. Is that too cliche?

Counting the days until the end of this year and now seriously wondering what 2011 will bring. Certainly things have to get better in general. I mean, they must. I suppose deep down I’m really ready for a fresh start with things, which is why this most recent bit of news is more a mix bag of challenge, uncertainty, relief, fear, excitement, hellos and goodbyes.

For now, Christmas is fast approaching and I have a list of gifts still to make and traditional baking I want to indulge in. That should keep me busy right up until December 25th. Wishing you all some quiet time by your Christmas tree to reflect on things that have gone and things to come.