Five whole months

Yes. Seriously. Baby boy is now five months old!! Where has all this time gone to? Well, we’re certainly keeping busy these days and Sam continues to keep us on our toes, never certain where things are going.

He’s got to be about 18 pounds now. A month ago he weighed in at 16lbs, 10 oz which meant he was still gaining about 2lbs a month. That has hopefully slowed a bit. We’ll find out Thursday where he’s at when we head to a doctor’s appointment. He’s a big baby, I can’t deny that, and I’m getting pretty used to it. I’m more curious to see how tall he is now. Feels like he has grown more in length this past month. The last batch of sleepers I picked up didn’t last long at all! And we don’t have too many more left in the larger sizes. Here’s hoping we get some hot weather and I can just let him sleep in a onesie. That or we’ll be forced to head to Sproutz for a little shopping trip.

One can’t talk about this baby’s growth without talking about his food source, which has solely become me. We went from being able to give Sam the occassional bottle, even some formula, to having him flat out refuse anything but his mama. I had been so looking forward to getting a few breaks here and there and more date nights with hubby, but then baby boy threw us this curve ball. One minute he was fine with the bottle, the next minute he decided that we were trying to kill him with it. We tried lots of different things, even tried to get him to drink from a sippy cup, but nothing has worked so far. Once a week, we give it a try again, hoping that he has changed his mind. We have managed to get him to drink about 1oz of pumped milk from the sippy cup (it took about half an hour), but that’s it. It has been the source of some stress, but I keep reminding myself that in just another month we will begin introducing him to soft food. The change won’t come over night, but eventually, I won’t be his only food source.

Speaking of nursing. Wow, I never could have imagined that babies could get so distracted from nursing! It makes sense. They’re taking in so much of the world around them, it’s hard to turn off that interest, even when they’re hungry. Sometimes even just having hubby sitting beside us on the couch is enough to distract Sam. He’s just so happy to observe everything. Sam has also started showing his complete joy of nursing more and more. He’s obviously always love it, but now he laughs and smiles and giggles sometimes. It’s just a hoot!

Another big adjustment this past month and one that feels like a bit of a step backwards has been his sleep cycle. Sam had been sleeping amazingly well at night, 7-9 hours straight. Then out of the blue, he began waking up crying every night about an hour after we’d put him in his crib. Then it he’d wake again later in the night or wee hours of the morning and need to be fed. The worse night came when he woke almost every hour! The longest window of sleep was just two hours! Needless to say, Sam and I were both pooped & grumpy the next day. Silly boy! You need your sleep (and so does mama)! Not sure what all this is about. Teething? Sleep regression? A growth spurt (oh gosh I hope not)? Our nights are still unpredictable for now. Sometimes he sleeps pretty decently, others not so much. We’ll see how this all goes in the coming weeks. At the very least I can count on Sam to take a nap after he wakes at 5am or 6am, so we get to catch a few more Zzzs (very helpful if we’ve been up a few times in the night).

I think the most fun thing this past month has been Sam’s new discovery of toys. Yes, toys! He has always had the occassional toy to play with, a couple of favorite rattles, some small stuffies, his blankie. But we were very blessed by friends and neighbors who brought us several gently used toys at just the perfect time. My friend Joanna brought her son’s ExerSaucer over for us to borrow for a few months. At first it seemed a bit too big for Sam to play in, but he is quickly growing into it. He can even spin himself around (with some work) to get to all the different toys and he definitely has a favorite item he likes to play with on it. You could say he’s “slightly” obsessed with the green flower. A neighbor down the street who was moving, gave us a few toys that her boys had outgrown. Sam now has one of those baby gyms with the toys dangling from it that baby lays underneath. It is Sesame Street themed with a cute little Elmo hanging from it, which Sam enjoys. He can spend a good chunk of time playing with it and I even discovered that I can squeeze it into out teeny-tiny bathroom for him to be entertained while I shower. Yay, for being able to shower without relying on hubby being home! How freeing! The other new toy for Sam is his Sophie the Giraffe. I wasn’t too sure about getting him one because everyone else seemed to have the things & I really didn’t understand the appeal. But now I get it. He does enjoy his Sophie and it’s an easy thing to throw into the diaper bag as a toy while we’re out & about.

Let’s see, what else is there? Oh he finally managed to get his foot in his mouth, all by himself (something he has been working on for some time). He has had quite the foot obsession and it was pretty exciting when he finally got to suck his toes for the first time! See how simple some of life’s joys can be!

The next month or two is sure to hold some very interesting changes with all the hints this boy seems to be dropping. There will likely be soft food, jolly jumpers, and more rolling. And also a frustrated baby who wants to walk before he can even crawl. Oh boy!


Sarah's Derby OnesieYep. That one word elicits so much excitement in our house. We had been waiting for this year’s roller derby season to start up. Even decorated a cute onesie for Sam to wear with his Auntie Tina’s derby name & number. Sadly, derby turned out to be a bit of a bust for baby. It was too loud & scary in the arena, so I spent the evening in the lobby watching from a distance through the glass.

However, I had already signed up to be a vendor at a couple of the games. This weekend will be my first attempt at selling my crafts with baby boy in tow. I’ve got lots of volunteers waiting in the wings to help me out with him, while I “try” to sell my bits & bobs. The biggest kink in the plans came when Sam decided to refuse bottle feedings. Not even a sippy cup will do. He wants one thing and that’s his mama. Which is wonderful. Truly. I know how thankful I should be, but it just makes some things a little more difficult. Like trying to be a vendor at an event that he is unhappy at. We’ll give it a try. What more can you do really? I remind myself… patience, patience, patience. And enjoy this time with Sam while I can. He IS growing up so quickly after all.

Wish us luck! And if you want something fun to do Saturday night, come by the Triwood Arena to see the Cut Throat Car Hops take on Saskatoon. Doors open at 6pm, game at 7pm. Tickets are just $10. I’ve got a couple new products for sale, button hair clips & upcycled cuff bracelets. Hope to have pics of these to share here soon.

Four Whole Months

Here we are again, recapping another month. It’s getting more & more difficult remembering what life was like before Sam came onto the scene. Which either means we’re enjoying his company so much, we’d never look back or, that Sam keeps us so busy we don’t have a chance to look back. Whatever the case may be, we’re loving being parents to this little man.

Baby watching TVI don’t know how much Sam weighs now and not sure I really want to know. My big baby boy! He’s healthy and thriving, still eating lots and covered in adorable rolls. The only change in his feeding is that we have introduced a bit of formula to him. This mama was feeling trapped too much and needed the reassurance that, if I did go out for awhile there would be plenty of food available for Sam. I’ve never been able to pump a whole lot or consistently, so we finally decided that a bottle of formula on occasion would relieve some of the stress. It has meant that I have been able to enjoy a night out at the ballet, and hubby & I even had a date night! Thanks to my wonderful parents for letting us have an evening off!

Sam has had two big physical developments this past month. First off, he’s been really kean on sitting up. He can hold his head up well (when he’s not tired) and gets frustrated if you lay him on his back too much. He enjoys being pulled up into a sitting position, which gives him the best view of his feet. Ah, yes, Sam is currently obsessed with his feet and seems quite fascinated with them. Anyway, as for sitting, we borrowed a Bumbo from our friends and he spends a bit of time in it. We also use my nursing pillow to prop him up on the couch to sit with us. His neck is getting stronger every day!

Naked babyThe second big physical development came when Sam managed to start rolling from his tummy onto his back. He just surprised me (and himself) one day during some naked floor time. One minute he was on his tummy, the next he was lying on his back. Since then he’s really started to do that roll well (even fully clothed). Still not much action with the back-to-tummy roll. He has managed to do it a couple times, but seems less interested in developing that roll at the moment.

Two words stand out the past couple weeks. Naked time. Yep, Sam loves being stripped down. Putting clothes on him has gotten more & more difficult (you’d think the poor kids was being tortured!) and diaper change time has become a time of excitement because he gets a bit of freedom. After a challenging day, with pee and poop accidents every time I turned around, I finally gave up, stripped off Sam’s clothes and laid him down on a soft waterproof pad on the floor of the nursery (with a soft fleece blanket to cuddle with). I let him entertain himself while I cleaned up the latest mess. There was so much giggling and squeals of delight, that he now gets daily naked time! And he loves tummy time while he’s naked! Plus, I get to admire his sweet dimply bum, that I see so very little of. I am really looking forward to warmer weather when Sam can wear fewer clothes (or even just his diaper) and his cute toes can come out to play more often.

Baby toesSam is getting lots of story time these days. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to those of you who know us well. We’re bookworms and reading will likely always have a place in Sam’s life. He enjoys looking at colourful pictures with lots of contrast and is starting to show interest in touching the books and grabbing pages (especially board books). We have a small collection of kids books which is sure to grow as the months & years go by, but Sam and I have also started going to the library once a week for books. He’d be happy to have me read the same books over & over again (which we do), but I need to keep things interesting for myself. The library is becoming a place of great discovery, so many books and authors to check out. I came across one book tht I actually bought our own copy of called “The Game of Mix-Up Art” by Herve Tullet. There aren’t any words to the book, but it’s filled with the exact type of images that Sam loves best.

Story time, by the way, is generally done while laying on Sam’s baby quilt. His grandma Janice finished it up a few weeks ago. I hope to have a post about it soon with more photos to share, but for now you get a little peek of it beneath those adorable baby toes.

Baby AweOne adjustment that I’ve had to make is getting used to Sam being awake more when we go out. He no longer sleeps as much in his stroller. Those big beautiful eyes of his are kean to take in the world. So I started having to carrying him around more while shopping or at the zoo, because he didn’t want to be awake and away from his mama’s arms (such a suck & I love it). We recently made an awesome purchase though, which will help me deal with carrying Sam, while freeing up both my hands… a BabyHawk! So far, so good. It has made walking enjoyable again and I’m sure it will get lots of use out & about and even in the sewing room.

Guess what? Our baby boy has a blankie. Sam loves his blankie (aka flannette burp cloth), particularly the aqua print with clouds & rainbows (seen in the above photo). He holds onto it in his car seat, while lying on the floor, being carried around the house, sitting on the couch… he always has his blankie. We’ve tried giving him a satin toy to suck on. He seemed to think it was alright, but nothing like his blankie. And so there he sits or lays sucking on his blankie and fidgeting with its softness in his hands. Oh the things Sam has discovered and grown to love! It so intriguing to watch! Here comes another month of fun!

(Sam is sharing his four month birthday with what would have been my oldest brother’s 41st birthday today. My brother was quite lucky to have reached his 40th birthday last year, a milestone that many of us didn’t think he’d ever see. But it is now a sad day to have come and go. May 12. Forever my brother’s birthday, no matter where he is now. Like so many say, “gone but not forgotten”. Never forgotten. Happy Birthday, bro.)


Consignment baby clothes

Just thought I would share some of the things that I am enjoying these days:

Shopping for fun new-to-us clothes for little Sam at one of our local kids consignment stores, Sproutz Kidz.

Nibbling on a newly discovered chocolate bar, Cadbury Dairy Milk Pretzel & Peanut Butter.

Reading the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins (who isn’t reading these books?!).

Wandering through the zoo in the sun (finally!).

Carrying baby boy around in his brand new Baby Hawk, thus saving my increasingly aching wrist from further discomfort (while still giving Sam all the close cuddles he desires).

Watching lots of fairly cheesy Canadian content on Netflix including Heartland and Arctic Air.

Laying on Sam’s baby quilt, made by Grandma Janice, for story time each day.

Digging through the picture books at the Bowness library for above mentioned story time (haven’t been in the kids section of the library since I worked there).

Sipping the occasional glass of white wine after Sam goes to bed and discovering how much more I like white wine than red since he was born… Just one of those strange changes, I guess.

Finding some simple creativity in coloring books.

Kissing naked babies squirming & laughing on the floor.

Hope your week has some lovely highlights to it!

Today is brought to you…

… by the letter “S” and all things cute & circular. Here they are, finally, the bit of crafting I managed to do (as mentioned before). I had these all prepped & ready to go before Sam was even born. Bit by bit, stitch by stitch they came together. Then they sat for a couple weeks waiting to be hung in the nursery and then its taken me a couple more weeks to remember to photograph them. Le sigh. Oh well. You know how things go sometime.

Nursery embroidery hoop decor

Snail embroidery hoop

The inspiration for these came from various examples on Pinterest on ways to decorate baby nurseries. I took my own spin on the embroidery hoop decor, adding the little felt critters. The snail design and the small birdies were just free PDF downloads. The letter “S” was made with buttons (of course!). That was actually the project I worked on at the last Pinterest party (I promised pics of it, didn’t I?). Most of the fabric is 1930’s reproduction prints, except for the one used for the “S”.

Sparrow embroidery hoop

Letter 'S' Embroidery Hoop

I’d love to make up some more to hang with these. The cluster of them on the wall is so pleasing to my crafty eyes. And I think Sam likes them too (or at least we’ll let this mama go on believing that for now). Yay for no more bare walls in the nursery!

Three whole months

Samuel smiling at three monthsEgads! Three months old! My little baby boy is just changing so much! It definitely doesn’t feel like three months have past, but on the flipside, some days, it can be hard to remember what life was like before Sam came into this world.

Sam now weighs somewhere around 13.5 lbs (again, measured on the Wii, so only approximate, but about a 1 kg weight gain). He definitely has some good weight to him now. My arms and wrists can get sore hefting him around. No more lightness of a newborn baby. Oh, and the chubby rolls on his legs, arms and neck are so kissable! He’s still eating lots (exclusively breastfed) and we’re certainly satisfied with his continued growth.

His voice and “vocabulary” have been changing lots these days. He’s quite the chatter-box (I wonder who he gets that from?). He smiles a lot too, and his giggles & squeals of delight are so incredibly contagious. How can you not laugh along?! Sam loves when you repeat some of his baby talk back to him, that will earn you a big grin. Happiness is not the only that he expresses. His cries have quite a large range, from loud wails, pained almost voiceless screeches, to short, simple calls for attention. His exasperated sighs always make me smile, much to his dismay. I can’t wait to see how his “voice” will develop in coming months!

Samuel at three monthsOne of the biggest developments this past month involved transitioning Sam from sleeping in his bassinet in our bedroom to sleeping in his crib in the nursery. He was simply outgrowing the bassinet and hubby & I had reached the point where we were ready to reclaim our bedroom as our own space.

For a few nights, I started placing Sam’s bassinet inside his crib after his middle of the night feedings. He’s usually quite tired then, and I thought he might notice the change less. Placing the bassinet in the crib meant that he could get used to being on his own in a different room, but surrounded by the familiarity of the bassinet. That went very smoothly, so I moved on to placing Sam directly into his crib, without the bassinet. I started doing this while hubby was away on a business trip, in case Sam woke up crying more frequently. The first night I did this, Sam slept 6.5 hours straight, more than double his usual time! The following night he slept 7.5 hours! And so, as long as he doesn’t break free of his swaddle, he’ll sleep from about 9pm to 4 or 5am, feed & get a diaper change, then back to sleep until 7 or 8am. Once he finally wakes up for the day, he’s often so happy, not waking with a whole lot of crying, just a couple of cries to let you know he’s up. Then once he sees your face he starts smiling away! A much nicer way to start he day! Who wouldn’t be smiling after a good sleep like that, instead of waking every 2.5 or 3 hours?! So now our big boy, sleeps in his crib each night, the bassinet tucked away into storage.

One thing that has changed since he started sleeping more at night, is that Sam no longer takes long naps during the day. If you’re really lucky he might nap for an hour, but that has become quite rare. Typical nap times are 20-30 minutes. Which makes sense if he’s getting better rest at night. The exception to all of this is when he is in his stroller. If we go out and put Sam in his stroller, and keep moving, then he will generally sleep for the whole outing.

Samuel in his car seat
Cute crochet hat made by Ellen of Craft Interrupted
Which leads us to another change to our routine. Sam and I have started getting out of the house a lot more these days. If we can, I try to go on one outing a day, usually in the morning. I started doing this, not because Sam is likely to sleep during that time, but because we both seemed to be a lot happier with not spending the whole day in the house. Sometimes, the occasional full day at home is nice, but two days in a row of that, and I start to get into a bad mood (which of course, in turn, makes for a grumpy baby). So off we go for a walk down to Bowness Park, or a wander through the mall, or a trip to the zoo. I bought an annual zoo pass, and it is quickly becoming one of our fav destinations.

Another activity we’ve started adding to the mix is story time. Sam has a growing pile of colourful books that I read to him while we both lay on the floor together. It’s so much fun watching the expressions on his face as I read & turn each page that story time is just as much fun for me, as it is for Sam.

Sam is discovering that it can be fun to have solo time too. I regularly put him on a blanket on the kitchen floor while I make meals or pop him in his crib while I do some laundry. Recently, I started putting him on the guest bed in the sewing room while I attempt to do a little crafting. If you catch him in a good mood, freshly fed, he is content to entertain himself for about 20 minutes. Sam lays there talking to himself, taking in the world around him.

What new things will he discover this month, I wonder?

Two whole months

Sam 8 weeks old smilingCan you believe that Sam is two months old today? Seriously?! He’s not a newborn anymore, he’s just a baby. Well, not “just” a baby. Of course he is remarkable to us in everything he does, right down to his poops (and who knew that as parents, poops would become such a big deal).

Sam now weighs somewhere between 11-12 lbs. I used the Wii to weigh him (just after weighing myself) and it said he weighed 5.5 kg, which seems a bit high… I would split the difference and say 11.5 lbs. In any case, he’s growing, of that I’m sure!

He continues to surprise us each week with new sounds. Some new cries and lots of new cooing & “talking” noises. The biggest change has been his desire to “talk” when he is content, not just uncomfortable. Sam has always made a lot of noise while nursing, but now he makes little noises when he’s happy and not feeding. Also, his cries continue to get louder and more mature.

The most wonderful development this month has been his smiles. Now definitely no longer associated with gas, he smiles because he is happy or amused. Not only does he smile, but as evident from the photo, he has massive grins! Sometimes he even makes a little sound close to a giggle when one of those big grins breaks out across his face.

Sam’s neck is really strong these days. He enjoys holding his head up as you carry him around the house so he can get a better look around at everything. In the evenings, hubby often reclines with Sam on his chest so he can get a bit of tummy time and Sam does what we have come to call “baby push-ups”. He holds his head up, pushing up on his arms a bit and pushing with his legs too. It’s so cute to watch and makes you realize just how strong he is now.

As for looking around at things with his strong neck, he finally saw himself in the mirror for the first time. I’ve attempted to show Sam himself in the mirror several times, but he was often content with looking down and do never saw himself. But now he looks up more and he caught our reflection. He must have liked what he saw because he started grinning away. Adorable!

One negative development over the past month has been Sam’s rejection of the soother. He used to take it okay, but then started spitting it out, gagging on it and just down right hating the thing. We decided to try a different type of soother, but without much luck. On rare occasions, Sam will suck on it a bit, but the soother definitely can NOT be relied upon to soothe him. You’re much better off just offering him your finger to suck on.

Sam 8 weeks oldThe other thing that has developed in the past couple of weeks has been Sam’s need to know that he’s not alone. He quite often wakes shortly after being put down to sleep, usually just the one time, crying. All that is generally required to soothe him is your voice and touch. Sometimes you don’t have to pick him up, just place a hand on his chest. Sometimes you have to scoop him up and snuggle him a moment, then settle him back down in his bassinet. It feels a bit like a negative development, but we’ll see how things go in the coming weeks. I certainly don’t mind having to give him a little reassurance, but hope that the frequency of its occurrence doesn’t increase.

Sam seems to enjoy his bath time nowadays. We just recently switched to using a mesh bath seat in our tub instead of a baby bathtub. He quite liked that and even smiled once during that bath. He might turn out to be one of those kids you can never gt out of the tub. We’ll just have to wait & see.

Sam and I have started using his stroller on little outings. One day we walked to the post office (to mail an Etsy order!) and I used his bassinet in the stroller so he could take a comfy nap. Lately we have been going on shopping trips, even braving the grocery store, with him in his stroller, usually just using his car seat. So far, so good.

Speaking of the bassinet, one thing I have been more diligent about these days is trying to put him down for a proper nap, swaddled, in his bassinet, in the afternoon. He usually needs the nap and if he gets nicely swaddled and settled in his bassinet, he will sometimes sleep for 2 – 2.5 hours. He’s a much happier little man for it and it lets mamma get a bit of a rest, take a shower, and cram in some small tasks around the house.

And that’s our little Sam so far. Still can’t believe it has been two months with him in our lives.

Knee deep in cloth

Cloth diapersCloth diapering, that is. Yep we started using cloth diapers for our little man as soon as his umbilical cord fell off, around day 12. We’ve known for a long time that cloth diapers would be the way that we would try and go. It wasn’t so much about choosing cloth diapers over disposable as much as it was about choosing what type of cloth we would use. To help decide we attended a very informative class at one of the local stores that specializes in cloth diapering and baby wearing, Babes in Arms. A super useful class if you’re new to the cloth diapering scene, which can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Babes in Arms also tends to focus on products made in Canada, with just a few exceptions, so you can feel even better about shopping there.

Many of our friends have been using various types of all-in-one diapers, but hubby and decided that we would start out with pre-folds and the traditional flats (which you fold up origami-style) with separate waterproof covers. Our organic cotton pre-folds and most of our covers are the Bummis brand. We also have a few Mother-easecovers that we borrowed from a friend.

The first day or so was a trial and error adventure, as we attempted to figure out what fit and worked best for our little man. So far we’ve mostly been using the pre-folds because the flats still seem a bit big for him once they get folded up, but he’ll be able to use those soon enough. We have been using the Bummis Bio-Soft Liners in each diaper to make poop clean-up easier. Although we are now considering discontinuing the use of these (Sam is pooping less and then when he does poop the liners don’t really cover that kind of volume, plus it’s one less thing being wasted).

We needed to look for a better night-time solution pretty early on because Sam thankfully was interested in sleeping 3-4 hours or more at night, as long as he didn’t get too wet in his diaper. That’s when we started using the Mother-ease covers, with a larger pre–fold and added a hemp/organic cotton wool liner. It makes for a rather big diaper on a baby that is just one month old, but Sam doesn’t seem to mind and is able to sleep more comfortably.

And before you even ask it, because it’s generally the first concern folks have about cloth diapering, let me say that washing them is no big deal. We have a nice diaper pail and liner which makes popping all the dirty diapers into the washing machine easy. We use Rockin’ Green detergent with and extra rinse cycle and the diapers come out nice and clean.

Another choice we’ve made in order to be more “green”, is that we aren’t using disposable bum wipes. We have a big stack of cloth wipes we just dampen in a bowl of water that we keep on the change table.

So that’s been our adventure in cloth diapering, so far. I’m curious to know what all the mamas (and papas) out there prefer to use, when it comes to cloth diapers. Leave a comment and let me know.

A whole month

Sam One Month OldOur little man is one month old today! A month! That’s crazy! Time does some strange things around babies. Some 24 hour periods feel like a week long, but then suddenly a whole month has gone by. Sam has changed so much in that time!

He’s now a healthy 8lbs 11oz, a wonderful weight gain for a baby that lost 11% of his birth weight and has been entirely breast fed (no supplementing). He’s averaging about 40grams/day.

Sam has definitely found his voice in the past couple of weeks and he exercises his lungs frequently, letting us know when diapers are wet or full, or when his tummy is empty. He seems to develop a new sound or cry with each week that passes.

And each day his quiet alert time seems to increase. Sam spends some lovely periods just chillin’ and looking at things, not fussing or needing anything, just becoming more aware of the world around him.

Sam One Month OldThis baby boy now enjoys the comfort of a soother when he desires it, and takes a bottle now and then too. This mama decided it would be worth it to pump and have hubby feed baby from a bottle on occasion. So far, neither the soother or bottle have created any “nipple confusion”. Sam knows his mama from plastic.

Sam and I have started using a Moby Wrap on occasion. I’m hoping we get into using it more, actually, because it frees up both hands and makes things like cooking supper and doing laundry and crafting a lot easier.

As for bath time and naked time, Sam is still on the fence about these activities. He has become a little less fussy during bath time, but it will be a while before he actually enjoys it. Naked time is hit and miss. I wish he would like it more so his skin would get chance to air out a bit, but it’s tricky to keep these winter babies warm enough for naked time.

Sam One Month Old
Sam making silly faces
As for sleep, we’re doing pretty good at night (knock on wood). The afternoons can be the most challenging for me. That’s when I start to feel the most worn down and in need of rest, but so often I can’t get Sam to stop fussing or feeding during that time. So I tend to plunk myself down on the couch and watch some cheesy TV show on Netflix, while Sam nurses away. If he happens to doze off then I take the opportunity to doze too. If not, then at least I’ve got some entertainment while he chows down.

And that’s our little Sam in a nutshell. Excited to see what the coming weeks bring!

A little confession

Baby BibsA confession so small that it currently only measures about 5cm in length. One of the main reasons I have been missing-in-action here on the blog is that my itty bitty secret has been keeping me too exhausted to do much the past several weeks. But here’s hoping that the coming months will improve. So what could be so small and yet have completely and utterly changed my life? You might have guessed it… I am indeed pregnant!!

Phew! That feels good to get off the chest. So hard to talk about anything on this blog without letting it slip. Everything revolves around that little baby, leaving not much else to post about. What books am I currently reading? Pregnancy books. What am I currently crocheting? Baby sweaters. What do I do in my spare time lately? Sleep. Why do I feel like crap and why can’t I get over this cold? Etc. And as, I said, not much energy to do more than the basics these days, so posting has gone out the window. Sorry. You’ll just have to be a bit patient with me.

Let’s see… I’m about twelve weeks along and due sometime in mid-January. The due date has changed no less than three times so far. Needless to say, I’ve given up obsessing over a date. We have a month, and that’s good enough for me (for now). The baby looks healthy and growing rapidly. We’ve already had a couple of ultrasounds done and it is truly amazing to see how things just develop along. A whole little human growing inside of me! We’ve been praying and praying along with friends and family for this moment for some time now and I don’t think I will ever be more amazed by anything else (except maybe meeting this babe in person). Truly great praise for answered prayers!

Oh and the random fruit posts that have been going up as part of the Keyword Story series… the baby’s size each week corresponds to the fruit. Sneaky, eh? Not so much. I know. I’m trying. Looks like we are currently on “plum” week.

PS – I made the baby bibs in the photo for a friend based on the pattern from Bend-the-Rules Sewing by Amy Karol. You can bet that there will be plenty more crafting for babelettes to come!