Have you notice how popular bunting has become in the past few years? I have yet to make one, but maybe I’ve just been lacking the right inspiration. Now here’s a bunting banner that I can get excited about! The full tutorial on how this particular one was made can be found here. Of course I have my own take on the project. Why not cut the bunting bits out of craft felt instead of paper, and glue the buttons down with a hot glue gun? Craft felt will probably withstand more wear-and-tear than paper. This project is getting filed in the “some day” pile. Feel like I still need the right event or excuse to make it. Birthday parties? Maybe our next Pinterest party? A craft BBQ? Or maybe just to decorate my Bubblegum Sass table at craft shows? Not sure yet…


Here’s a simple way to make a cardigan a bit more unique. Pick out some of your fav buttons and stitch along the front. You could even go all the way around the neckline too. This example is cute because they not only added buttons, but they also snuck in some small embroidered floral patches for a nice feminine touch. And of course, you could always pick a colour theme (eg. black, white, and red) instead of doing the eclectic rainbow. Good thing I have a boring old black cardigan kicking around to give this a try!

Source: greeneyed.com via Sarah on Pinterest


I am quickly discovering how tricky it is to write on this blog with any much frequency and at any great length now that Sam is in my life. I have, however, been spending many late nights and pre-dawn hours surfing Pinterest while nursing my little man. I’ve been collecting lots of inspiration for future craft projects when both my hands are free and my brain is slightly less consumed by all things baby. This is how the idea for a new weekly post was born. “Button-spiration” will feature a new button craft each week. Some of them I may have already tried, some may get filed away for “some day”, and many will probably never be attempted. Inspiration is, after all, about being stimulated and getting excited about an idea, even if it doesn’t lead to a finished product. And inspiration is something I could a healthy dose of each day while I continue my recovery.

So here we go, the first of many button loving craft projects to share with you:

Definitely want to make a version of this to hang in the nursery. So colorful and cheery, what’s not to love? I even have an embroidery hoop and fabric all prepped to do this. Just need to pick out my button rainbow.

Tagging along

Baby tag blanket
Made by Joanna Bytnar

We received many thoughtful baby gifts, but one that stands out is this tag blanket designed by my friend (sewn by her mom). I’d seen similar blankets around at craft shows and filed it away as a project to do “some day”. Of course, there are a ton of “some day” projects that I will never get around to, so I was tickled to see that my friend had made me one!

These tag blankets just seem like the perfect thing to give baby in the car to suck on and (quietly) entertain themselves with. And in talking with another friend who is trying to start doing some sewing, it seems like an awesome beginner sewing project. There are lots of variations of them out there, different sizes, slightly different fabrics (all of them good for sucking or cuddling with) and some with crinkly bits inside for added entertainment.

So for those interested in giving it a try, here are some tutorials that I managed to round up:

Thanks again for the blanket, Joanna! Can’t wait to give it to baby to play with!

Puttin’ the P in Pinterest

Button OrnamentsThe “P” of course being “party”. A couple weeks ago, some friends organized a Pinterest party, with Christmas as the theme. Drinks and snacks were inspired by recipes found on Pinterest and each person who attended brought a Pinterest inspired craft project to work on.

Now if you don’t know about Pinterest yet, well, you’re behind the times and should check it out. Basically you are bookmarking things you’re interested in (whether it’s tutorials, recipes, products, design ideas, beautiful photos, whatever inspires you), but instead of just bookmarking that link, it is saving an image to post to a “design” board. So you can organize your “pins” into categories and have a lovely visual reminder. I use it mainly to collect tutorials and project ideas. Of course, you follow other Pinterest members and get to see what they’ve pinned. It has made me realize how much I miss seeing beautiful photography on a daily basis. When I worked at Veer and Corbis that was something I took for granted. Pinterest has allowed me to re-experience this a bit, as I see all the gorgeous photos pinned by others.

For my party craft project I brought along buttons (go figure), pins and foam balls to make Christmas ornaments. The result can be seen above. Don’t they look like gumdrop candies? Inspiration for this project was found here. They’re a bit heavy, so I skipped adding a ribbon to hang them from the tree (we usually get a real tree, so ornaments need to be fairly light). Instead they will be used to decorate our fireplace mantel. You can see some of the other Christmas projects I’d love to make this year on my Christmas board. Realistically though, I’m more likely to tackle some of the projects for baby in the little time that we have left before its arrival. With some Christmas baking thrown in the mix, of course! You can see the rest of my Pinterest boards and I’ll try to share any of the things that do get made in the coming weeks on here.

Already have a Pinterest account? I’d love to follow you. Leave a link in the comments. Wanna get a Pinterest account? Don’t be intimidated by the “Request Invite” thing… it’s super straight forward and fairly quick.

As they say, Happy Pinning!

Peek into the sewing room

Jars of ButtonsI am grateful today to be featured on the Etsy Alberta Street Team blog. Or rather, my sewing room is featured. I can’t recall offering a peek into my sewing room here on this blog. For shame! Of course, now you can just pop over to the team blog and snoop around. There are some fun post series on the team blog, which is open for any member to contribute to. I am pondering the one series “Hidden Talent”. Pretty sure that the average person hasn’t or doesn’t sew orange peels and bubblegum into dresses. It’s been several years since I did one of those art pieces, but I might just have to share that hidden talent (or rather hidden craziness).

I *heart* roller derby

Roller Derby PostcardsAnd I *heart* fabric postcards, so this project was a perfect match. I just cut up some old jeans, sewed the denim onto card stock with a zigzag stitch and then dug through my stamp collection to find the appropriate stamp bits. Oh, and I also ran the card stock through the printer (prior to being sewn obviously) so that I could print my website and a basic postcard back for a more professional look. Simple and fun!

And yes, you can actually send fabric postcards through the post. I used to organize a postcard exchange between all my art friends and you’d be surprised what you can send through the mail! I loved doing that postcard exchange! I have a shoebox of postcards that I received. One day, I need to figure out how to display them all together. It would make a wonderful art piece and an amazing reminder of the incredible talent that I’m surrounded by.

Oh so, if you happen to be coming to the Calgary Roller Derby bout tonight, stop by and say hi. I’ll be there with all my new items for sale, plus some handmade items by my mom and a few crochet critters by minibytes. A fun mix of stuff!

This and that

Day of the Dead coin pursesMy days have been filled with exactly that the past week or so. Feel like I am twirling around a bit going in several directions. There has been crafting in preparation for this weekend, sewing up things for coming babelettes, trying to complete inventory on all the yarn (up to 36 garbage bags in the basement) and getting it organized for people to browse through, quality time with family, giving the sewing room a good cleaning, listing items on Etsy, email, email, email… oh and trying to determine what other craft shows I will sell at in the coming months. I’m also going to start adding in some quiet time absorbing the sun as the week goes on. It’s no wonder the weeks fly by.

Looking forward to this weekend! Two fun things planned. One, attending my friend’s baby shower, which will be lovely. Two, we are going to a double-header roller derby game with my family for my brother’s birthday. Not only that, but I will be “hocking my wares” as it were. I booked in as a vendor at a couple of the games. I’ve got a couple new items including the floral scrap hair combs, postcards, and these simplified coin purselettes (no buttons or embellishments on them, just colourful Day of the Dead fabric).

Hope the rest of your week is filled with lots of this and that!

Fabric blossoms

Fabric Flowers with ButtonsI really shouldn’t be left alone with a hot glue gun or a sewing machine or buttons. Craziness always ensues. Craziness that turns into pretty things, so that’s okay, right?

I’ve had this project in the wings for over a year; floral hair accessories made from scrap fabrics. I made one to wear to my brother’s wedding last May and loved it. Ended up making a second one and wear them both all the time. They look super cute in my short hair too. Did I ever mention that I got my haircut? More than 6 inches off! Anyway, I finally sat down and got a bunch more made up. I like them on the hair combs, but I’m also trying them on clips and barrettes. Plus, I want to play around with some more complex headpieces. Fun, fun, fun!

Happy crafting!

Of course I can!

Well over a month ago, I wrote a post-it saying “Order Banner”. I figured that it would be a good idea to have a Bubblegum Sass banner to hang at craft shows and markets. The post-it stared back at me for several weeks beside my sewing machine and every time I saw it, I thought, yes, I really should do that because who knows how long it will take to receive and what if I get into a craft show this spring… As it turns out I will be in at least two craft sales in the coming month. And of course, my procrastination totally worked against me because it will be two weeks before the banner is done.

Fabric BannerWhich is about the time I thought to myself, what the heck?! I’m a crafter. I can make my own damn banner! Gathering up some random pieces of black and pink fabric from the stash and a roll of Heat n’ Bond from my sweet mom, I got to work. Originally inspired by this fabric banner that was made for the Craftster booth. Mine is simplified owing to the fact that I am now at t-minus 2 days and counting till the Market Collective sale. Can I just say that, even simplified, I think my banner rocks! Way cooler than a Vista Print banner, which is still on order (as a back up to have on hand). Now simplified doesn’t mean that it didn’t take several hours, in case you endeavor to try this yourself. Cutting around all the letters is finicky work. My short-cut suggestion for this project, is to use Heat n’ Bold Ultra Hold, which requires no-sewing around the edges of your pieces. In fact, my mom urged me NOT to sew this type of adhesive because it starts to gum-up your machine and needle. Hopefully it will hold up well.

I’ll get some some better pics to share with you of the banner hanging at up this weekend at Market Collective.

Hopefully I will see some of you at the market. If not, have a most enjoyable weekend!