Now this week’s button project is one that I would love to make to decorate Sam’s room when he’s a bit older. Or even hang in the living room. It also might be neat to just hang the current season. My mom has an assortment of single quilt block designs that she hangs in her sewing room for the different seasons & holidays and I’ve always wanted to do something similar. Of course, button art would be more up my alley. The full tutorial for making the first version of the seasonal button tress can be found on the Spilt Milk blog.

Version one, my fav.

Version two, a little more colourful.


It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time for some button love! Here’s a simple, but versatile button craft. Grab some sweet, colorful buttons and attach them to blank tags (readily available from craft and stationary stores… I’ve picked some up from Staples in the past). You could also make your own paper tags using cardstock and a craft punch to make special shapes, like hearts and ovals (which would be lovely for particular holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter, for example… wouldn’t Easter egg tags be adorable?) Use a hot glue gun to attach them instead of stitching them and add a pretty string. Voila! Unique gift tags.

Now if you happen to be giving them to someone who is a crafter or lover of buttons, do take the few extra minutes to sew them rather than gluing the buttons down. That way they become part of the gift 😉 Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a few pretty buttons now and then to add to the stash?! Just sayin’…

The original post on these tags was from Picnic By Ellie, but I can’t seem to locate the post. Anyway, shout out Ellie. You can see her pretty Flickr stream of vintage finds here.

Source: flickr.com via Sarah on Pinterest


Have you notice how popular bunting has become in the past few years? I have yet to make one, but maybe I’ve just been lacking the right inspiration. Now here’s a bunting banner that I can get excited about! The full tutorial on how this particular one was made can be found here. Of course I have my own take on the project. Why not cut the bunting bits out of craft felt instead of paper, and glue the buttons down with a hot glue gun? Craft felt will probably withstand more wear-and-tear than paper. This project is getting filed in the “some day” pile. Feel like I still need the right event or excuse to make it. Birthday parties? Maybe our next Pinterest party? A craft BBQ? Or maybe just to decorate my Bubblegum Sass table at craft shows? Not sure yet…


Here’s a simple way to make a cardigan a bit more unique. Pick out some of your fav buttons and stitch along the front. You could even go all the way around the neckline too. This example is cute because they not only added buttons, but they also snuck in some small embroidered floral patches for a nice feminine touch. And of course, you could always pick a colour theme (eg. black, white, and red) instead of doing the eclectic rainbow. Good thing I have a boring old black cardigan kicking around to give this a try!

Source: greeneyed.com via Sarah on Pinterest

I did something!

Button embroidery hoop
Craft inspired from Pinterest

Yep, I actually did some crafting this week. AND not only did I do some crafting, I completed a little project! Here’s my first Button-spiration completed craft project. I posted about it on Wednesday. I quickly discovered that it was a perfect thing to work on in the evenings while Sam dozed between feedings. It whipped together nicely and it was so enjoyable to spend some time with my beloved buttons! This rainbow hoop of buttons is destined to be hung in the nursery. Now Sam has something colorful to look at in there (or maybe it’s more that mama has something to look at…). Either way it felt wonderful to get back to some crafting, no matter how simple.

Hope you can find a few spare moments in your day to create, whether it’s cast on some stitches, doodle in your sketchbook or cut out a few pieces of fabric.


I am quickly discovering how tricky it is to write on this blog with any much frequency and at any great length now that Sam is in my life. I have, however, been spending many late nights and pre-dawn hours surfing Pinterest while nursing my little man. I’ve been collecting lots of inspiration for future craft projects when both my hands are free and my brain is slightly less consumed by all things baby. This is how the idea for a new weekly post was born. “Button-spiration” will feature a new button craft each week. Some of them I may have already tried, some may get filed away for “some day”, and many will probably never be attempted. Inspiration is, after all, about being stimulated and getting excited about an idea, even if it doesn’t lead to a finished product. And inspiration is something I could a healthy dose of each day while I continue my recovery.

So here we go, the first of many button loving craft projects to share with you:

Definitely want to make a version of this to hang in the nursery. So colorful and cheery, what’s not to love? I even have an embroidery hoop and fabric all prepped to do this. Just need to pick out my button rainbow.