How much fun are these 9-hole buttons?! I love the possibilities that open up with being able to write words with these buttons! 9-holes means you can pretty much embroider any letter. Now these particular buttons were handmade, with the full tutorial available here by Derek & Lauren of The Curiosity Shoppe. Not sure I necessarily want to dive into the world of making my own buttons (that could be a job unto itself). You can however score 9-hole buttons on Etsy and other random online venues, which is probably a bit more my speed these days.


Happy Halloween!! How appropriate that Button-spiration Wednesday falls on Halloween this year! I completed this project a couple of weeks ago. It was inspired by a pumpkin I saw on Pinterest (of course).

All you need is a fake pumpkin, buttons, hot glue gun, and some ribbon. I also added a little plastic skull ring on top of the bow. Originally I visualized using a white pumpkin and black buttons, but I waited too long and the craft store was sold out of them. Maybe I can score one next year and do a white pumpkin with purple buttons & the word “wicked”…

Anyway, the orange pumpkin worked just fine. Love the little button ghost eyes I added. It felt like it just needed a little something extra, and that was perfect. The whole thing didn’t take as long as I thought it might (even with Sam trying to eat buttons & unwind all the ribbon). My only regret was that I didn’t create a stencil for the letters, I just winged it. I think the sizing & typeface would have been a lot better if I had created a stencil on the computer (like I did for Sam’s embroidery hoop). Lesson learned for next time.

Button pumpkin

Button pumpkin


Since I started making my upcycled cuff bracelets, I’ve kept my eye open on other ways to repurpose sleeve cuffs. I really love the simplicity of this project! Just cut off the cuff, fold in half, stitch up the sides, use the buttons for the closure and voila, a mini pouch! Cute, right? The full (and über simple) tutorial can be found on the Family Chic blog. Perfect to slip a little cash in when you go for a walk or keep your lip balm from getting lost in the depths of your purse. Also like Camilla’s suggestion for using it as a rosary holder (made me think of you, mom).


I really want to make one of these! A button charm bracelet. What a perfect way to use a bunch of super vintage buttons of my grandmother’s. Even if you haven’t done a lot of jewelry making before, you can attempt this project. The original bracelet was made by Regina from Creative Kismet. She just used a store bought chain bracelet for the base & a whole shwack of jump rings. She even includes a helpful link to a video on how to use jump rings, if your a super newbie. Filing this into the “will make myself soon” pile!

Heart on my sleeve

Specifically heart on my elbow. Yesterday I shared my “button collector” cardigan with you (a basic grey cardi that I embellished with some vintage buttons). There is an additional adorable element, needle felted elbow patches. In the shape of hearts. Seriously.

Needle felted elbow patchNeedle felted elbow patch heart

Came across this cute DIY tutorial on Pinterest, of course, originally from the HonestlyWTF blog and couldn’t wait to give it a try. I’ve had needle felting supplies sitting in the sewing room for quite some time (courtesy of my mama) and figured it would be the perfect project for this needle felting newbie. I was a bit hesitant to make my first attempt on the cardigan that I’d spent months in search of, but with little crafting time these days, I decided to “just give ‘er”. I figured the worse case scenario was that it doesn’t work and I end up covering the disaster with fabric patches. No big deal.

Let me just say, needle felting is super fun! Stabbing wool with sharp needles repeatedly is quite therapeutic, and I will keep it in mind as a craft to do when I need to release some frustrations. Plus, super simple. Can’t wait to do some more! Look out! My wardrobe might soon have strange random felted patches everywhere! Be afraid Sammy, your little sleepers are fair game!


Vintage button cardigan

Today I wanted to share my latest craft project. I’ve had this one in mind for quite some time. Part of what was holding me back was finding the perfect cardigan, which I finally did a couple of weeks ago. Just in time for fall too. I first posted about this project back in February. At the time, I thought I would use an old black cardi I already had, but I didn’t “love” the cardigan to begin with and didn’t want to take the time to spice it up, if I wasn’t going to wear it a ton. I still might embellish the black cardi, but for now I’m loving this grey one.

I have a pile of vintage buttons that were my grandmothers and I picked out my favs to stitch onto the front. Just can’t decide whether or not to add more. I kinda like the simplicity of this look, plus I already added some further embellishment on the elbows (which I’ll share with you tomorrow). For now, I’m calling it done. This is definitely my “button collector” sweater.


It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time for some button love! Here’s a simple, but versatile button craft. Grab some sweet, colorful buttons and attach them to blank tags (readily available from craft and stationary stores… I’ve picked some up from Staples in the past). You could also make your own paper tags using cardstock and a craft punch to make special shapes, like hearts and ovals (which would be lovely for particular holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter, for example… wouldn’t Easter egg tags be adorable?) Use a hot glue gun to attach them instead of stitching them and add a pretty string. Voila! Unique gift tags.

Now if you happen to be giving them to someone who is a crafter or lover of buttons, do take the few extra minutes to sew them rather than gluing the buttons down. That way they become part of the gift 😉 Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a few pretty buttons now and then to add to the stash?! Just sayin’…

The original post on these tags was from Picnic By Ellie, but I can’t seem to locate the post. Anyway, shout out Ellie. You can see her pretty Flickr stream of vintage finds here.

Source: flickr.com via Sarah on Pinterest


Here’s a simple way to make a cardigan a bit more unique. Pick out some of your fav buttons and stitch along the front. You could even go all the way around the neckline too. This example is cute because they not only added buttons, but they also snuck in some small embroidered floral patches for a nice feminine touch. And of course, you could always pick a colour theme (eg. black, white, and red) instead of doing the eclectic rainbow. Good thing I have a boring old black cardigan kicking around to give this a try!

Source: greeneyed.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Purses grow on trees

DIY Purse Display StandYep, it’s true. Kinda. Sorta. Well, it’s actually more that they hang from wood, as in the case with my new display stand. Purses just seem meant to hang, don’t they? So it is super exciting to have this display to use instead of balancing the purses on a table. Plus, I will be able to display more of my purses. I briefly mentioned this project and the inspiration that came from Hilda of Handmade Therapy a couple weeks ago. I put the finishing touches on the stand yesterday. Of course I had to use buttons somewhere in the project! They delightfully adorn the ends of each display arm.

Just as with the banner I made, I failed to photo document this fun project. Once I know what I need to make, I get all excited and just make it and then think afterward about how I should have photographed the process to share with all of you. One day I will learn.

The basic recipe for this stand is pretty straightforward. Enlist the help of a someone with tools, patience, and awesome problem solving skills (also known as Dad). Take a post intended for a banister (I suppose this piece would be one of the balusters, although I’m no stair expert). Cut to the desired height. DIY Purse Display Stand with ButtonUse a drill press to make holes for the arms. Take some wooden dowel of the appropriate diameter and insert through holes. Cut four pieces of wood to create a basic, but attractive base. Screw base to the stand. Sand. Paint. Paint again. Use a hot glue gun to fix big colourful buttons onto the end of each arm for a quirky finish. There is a cheerful pink sign to sit on top of the stand, which simply attaches via the miracle of magnets. Viola! A home for purselettes. Thanks for all your help Dad! Loved wondering around Rona, brainstorming ideas!

Now I just have to play around with displaying my small zip purselettes on the table, since those gals don’t hang…