A roll of tape

Sam playing with painter's tape

Sam playing with painter's tape 2

It never ceases to amaze me, the things that capture our little Sam’s attention. Take his newest game, for example, pulling painter’s tape up from the floor. We recently had a bunch of the tape stuck down in the kitchen (design prep for our renos). He discovered the joy of tape one afternoon and began picking and pulling it all up. Next up, unwinding the roll of tape. Great fun and kept him preoccupied for about 20 minutes (long enough to cook supper). Can’t wait to see what other games he discovers when we start the actual renos. Good times ahead!

Little hands making rainbows

Last month, while Sam was teething and in need of some serious distraction, I decided to try out some finger painting with him. I’d seen random ideas for doing finger painting with babies on Pinterest and opted for the plastic bag method (as trying to clean up a teething, grumpy baby would only lead to more rage).

Baby finger painting suppliesI used a large freezer bag, some acrylic paint left from my art school days, packing tape and a piece of board intended for an artist palette. I wanted to be able to place it on the floor, so that Sam could get “into it” a bit more than making him sit up at a table.

Baby finger painting prepI squeezed some paint into the freezer bag (next time I will use more paint so it’s easier for him to squish it around). Then closed the bag up nice & tight and taped it down to the board.

Baby finger paintingThen I plopped it down on the floor in front of him. He wasn’t sure what to make of it at first. I showed him how the colours squished & moved around. Eventually he got interested in touching each colour and was soon squishing a bit on his own.

Baby finger painting 2(Getting more into it)

Baby finger painting 3(I love his chubby little hands!)

Baby finger painting 4

Overall it was a nice activity. Quick set-up and clean-up (just pulled the bag off the board and tossed the bag into the garbage). No mess on the baby (I recommend you ensure that baby’s nails are clipped short to avoid ripping holes in the bag). And lots of fun to watch him explore. We will be doing more of this soon, for sure.