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January is the perfect time to examine how you organize your days, weeks, and months! Not only what you do, but the actual tools for helping achieve that organization. Today, Shauna and I are sharing some of our favourite tools to use, from printables and calendars to helpful apps. From two real moms in the thick of daily life, here are ways we get & stay organized {and also, achieve some inspiration & sanity}:

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Today is a special two-for-one day of buttons. A while back I came across two button calendars on Etsy & I’ve been debating about ordering one of them. Of course, I was having difficulty deciding which one, but as it turns out only one of them is currently available. Makes my choice simple. Thought I would share them both, though. The first one is the 2012 Mini Button Calendar Book from Joelle Burch Illustration. The second is the 2012 One Page Button Calendar (no longer for sale) from Photography by Karina. Wish I had the time to make my own (Every month a jar of buttons in a particular color, or perhaps the month spelled out in buttons… Uh-oh, the ideas are starting to flow…). Perhaps one day.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest