Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

We love checking out the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo whenever we go to Colorado Springs. This year, Sammy was able to feed to giraffes (a fun experience for young & old alike). Yes, the tongue of a giraffe is REALLY that long, even a bit longer. Anyway, you can get really up close & personal with these guys. The Cheyenne zoo is known for their giraffe breeding program.

Feeding giraffes 1
Someone's having fun 😉
Feeding giraffes 2
Mmmm... yummy lettuce
Sammy petting a lion 1
Not too sure about whether he should touch the lion
Sammy petting a lion 2
I told him it was ok, not a real lion, & he started petting it
Sammy watching bird at zoo
We were all super fascinated by these birds, the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill

Tree pretty, fire bad

*Updated donation information*

Usually my post on Wednesday is reserved for sharing my love of buttons, but today is a little different. It’s about my love of Colorado Springs, which is currently experiencing one of the worst fires they’ve ever seen. Colorado Springs is near and dear to my heart. It’s where both my parents are from and where almost ALL of my extended family live (from grandparents to aunts & uncles and cousins). It has always been like a second home to me and seeing the images coming out of the area is just heartbreaking. Most of my family members (between 10 -13 people) were evacuated last night as their homes came within about 2 miles of the fire line in the northwest part of the city. Currently, about 32,000 residents have been evacuated and weather conditions continue to make containing the fire incredibly difficult.

Please join me in offering help where you can, whether through prayer for the health and safety of residents & firefighters or through online donations. Here are a few places accepting monetary donations, for those, like me, that are geographically distant, but emotionally close:

Care and Share Foodbank for Southern Colorado – provides direct support for area residents. You can indicate that you would like your donation to go towards the Waldo Canyon Fire.

The Salvation Army Intermountain Division – direct support for the current wildfires in High Park and Waldo Canyon

*new link* American Red Cross Colorado Chapters (they accept international donations) – you can choose the Pikes Peak Chapter which includes Colorado Springs.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (for those outside the USA) – general emergency disaster relief

Thank you for helping to support all my loved ones in Colorado Springs!

Source: via Myles on Pinterest