Tasty greens

Homemade kale chips

We had such a tasty “dessert” the other night. Kale chips. Yep, you heard that right. So simple to make. They disappeared really quickly. Even our little man, Sam, thought they were great. And now I’m wishing that we had planted more kale. It feels good to try new recipes with fresh things from the garden. There are several kale salads I’d like to try one day. For now, I’ll have to be satisfied with being able to slip some kale into Sam’s morning smoothie, which he hasn’t noticed yet, thankfully (he’s been a bit short on veggies in his diet).

Wanna give these melt-in-your-mouth kale chips a try? Just place the kale on a baking sheet (with stems removed), drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkle with sea salt. Place in the oven for 4min at 400 degrees. Just make sure to pay close attention to it, because the leaves can burn easily. Remove from oven and enjoy!

Sam eating kale chips

For the love of bacon

Bacon crust quicheBut mostly for the hubby I love. This creation was made for hubby’s birthday at the beginning of the month. He has a love affair with bacon and since he’s a low-carb dieting man (for over a year now) I was trying to come up with something special for a birthday dessert. We’ve both tossed around the idea of making bacon crust pies for quite a while now and this was my first attempt at one.

It was inspired by the recipe found here with lots of the usual adjustments and tweaks I tend to make to anything I cook. First off, I didn’t do it in a cast iron pan. Instead I used a ramekin dish so that I could make smaller, individual-sized quiches. The tricky part with my choice of dish is that I had to keep drawing the bacon grease out with paper towels, as it didn’t have anywhere to drain off. The bottom of the crust never did get as crispy as desired, but the edges were great! I used eggs, cream, swiss cheese, and basil for the filling. It puffed up nicely almost like a souffle. Then I beat some cream cheese with milk to make a lovely spreadable topping. So delicious… or so I’m guessing. I didn’t actually try it out, but left it all for hubby to devour.

Next up are small ramekins of bacon crust pecan pie. Maybe it’s my prego hunger talking, but I think the sweet and salty combo would be delightful! Of course it’s not low-carb, so I’ll have to eat them all myself… darn, what a hardship.