At Home: Winter Days Indoors

At Home: Winter Days Indoors - Activities for kids & mom to do together

There’s one word that people start to dread at this time of year. Winter. Folks here tend to start wincing and grimacing when it comes up in conversation toward the end of February. I enjoy the snow, some cold, and know the importance of having these season, but it can be hard not to grow weary of all the layers needed just to leave the house, the freezing wind, the cars that don’t want to start or need digging out. And we get grumpy about it now, because honestly, we’ve still got a ways to go.

I’m a homebody by nature anyway, but we definitely spend more time at home during these cold weeks. As a mama, it can be nice to have a *few* activities up your sleeve to do with the kiddos, that doesn’t involve snowsuits. Today I’m sharing some of the things that Sammy & I have been up to this winter, to pass the time cozy & warm.

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Daily Dose: Creativity

Your Daily Reminder: Do Something Creative Today

This is your friendly reminder to do something creative today! I often overlook the things I do that are creative. Long ago, I became more conscious of fostering daily creativity, in various forms. Now, I need to become more intentional about seeing that creativity again. Also, love that bit about connecting with God during creative times.

Here’s some of the ways I incorporate creativity into daily life:

  • adult colouring books {of course!}
  • mixing up essential oils concoctions
  • crochet
  • hand stitching for the Etsy shop
  • product//blog//IG photoshoots
  • free play LEGO building
  • making “happy mail” postcards//packages for our friends
  • playing with//creating flower arrangements

So, what are YOU going to do today?

PS ~ These wonderful reminders & prompts are from one set of Victory Cards from the All Things Good Collective

Mom Life Organized

Mom Life Organized - Helpful Apps, Calendars, and Planners for Busy Moms

January is the perfect time to examine how you organize your days, weeks, and months! Not only what you do, but the actual tools for helping achieve that organization. Today, Shauna and I are sharing some of our favourite tools to use, from printables and calendars to helpful apps. From two real moms in the thick of daily life, here are ways we get & stay organized {and also, achieve some inspiration & sanity}:

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Consignment baby clothes

Just thought I would share some of the things that I am enjoying these days:

Shopping for fun new-to-us clothes for little Sam at one of our local kids consignment stores, Sproutz Kidz.

Nibbling on a newly discovered chocolate bar, Cadbury Dairy Milk Pretzel & Peanut Butter.

Reading the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins (who isn’t reading these books?!).

Wandering through the zoo in the sun (finally!).

Carrying baby boy around in his brand new Baby Hawk, thus saving my increasingly aching wrist from further discomfort (while still giving Sam all the close cuddles he desires).

Watching lots of fairly cheesy Canadian content on Netflix including Heartland and Arctic Air.

Laying on Sam’s baby quilt, made by Grandma Janice, for story time each day.

Digging through the picture books at the Bowness library for above mentioned story time (haven’t been in the kids section of the library since I worked there).

Sipping the occasional glass of white wine after Sam goes to bed and discovering how much more I like white wine than red since he was born… Just one of those strange changes, I guess.

Finding some simple creativity in coloring books.

Kissing naked babies squirming & laughing on the floor.

Hope your week has some lovely highlights to it!