Farm Days: Farmhouse Kitchen

Farm Days: Farmhouse Interior Inspiration - Farmhouse Style Kitchen


The farmhouse build is chugging along! The growing season will be upon us before we know it {we’ve already got seeds started} and this space needs to get functional real quick! I understand & fully accept that we will be settling into our farmhouse over the coming years, so not every room is going to be completely polished in adorable decor by June. Gosh, we probably won’t even have “finished” flooring in large chunks of the house. C’est le vie. But functioning toilets, sinks & showers and a mostly completed kitchen are top on my list. Today, I’m sharing a peek at the kitchen progress.

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Farm Days: Farmhouse Bathrooms

Farm Days: Farmhouse Interior Inspiration - Farmhouse Style Bathrooms


Now I know that there’s probably some more interesting topics out there than discussing bathrooms, but you have to admit, there is something to a pretty bathroom. Maybe because the bathroom at our house in Calgary is tiny, or maybe because we’ve never had indoor plumbing on the farm, but for whatever reason, I’m super stoked about our farmhouse bathrooms {yes, two}! Plenty of thought, envisioning, and daydreaming is going into them, so I figured I would dish a bit.

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Doodle days

Button colouring bookButton colouring book detail

Mentioned briefly last week that I have been enjoying some simple creativity with coloring books. Here are a couple of pages I’ve been working on. And yes, those are buttons.

A friend gave me a copy of My Wonderful World of Fashion by Nina Chakrabarti. Best coloring book EVER! So much fun! Page after page of coloring goodness and design activities. Any fashion book that devotes space to buttons easily wins a place in my heart! With a limited amount of creative time, the coloring book has been a nice way to do a little something without too much commitment. I can stop as soon as baby boy requires my attention. Not a ton to clean up and I can keep it nearby on the coffee table to pick up whenever I have a spare (right) hand. Tried coloring with my left hand, but I’m just not ambidextrous enough. The coloring book is starting to fill the need I have had lately of keeping a sketchbook and doing more artwork. Little steps, as usual.

I’m not quite ambitious enough to say that I’ll share a weekly “Doodle Days” post, but there will definitely be the occasional post about it.

PS – Nina Chakrabarti has two other coloring book titles that I might need to check out,
My Even More Wonderful Book of Fashion and My Wonderful World of Shoes. Now if there was just an entire book of buttons…

Doilies, buttons, and corduroy, oh my!

Small Corduroy PurselettesOne of the things I have truly enjoyed about being able to focus a great deal more on my craft business, has been having the time to play and design. When I was working a full-time job and squeezing my crafting time into every possible hour in the evenings and weekends, I found that I did less playing and experimenting. If I had an hour or two in the evening, I preferred to use that time actually making something, rather than brainstorming ways to change the design, try new materials, and push things further. One of my university professors always said that a completed piece of art only comes into being after it has been pushed to exhaustion.

I still haven’t done quite as much experimenting and playing as I would like, but even being able to do some has got my creative juices flowing more freely. My small purselettes had started to become a bit too repetitive for my liking, and it was with great enthusiasm that I dove into exploring some new options. They are such a versatile product. Keeping the same basic shape and size, they are easy to be creative with, simply by changing the type of fabric used and tapping into the seemingly endless embellishment choices. Small changes, but satisfying none the less.

So here’s a sneak peak at some of the new purselettes that will be available at Market Collective sale next weekend. The colours seem so very autumny now that I’ve photographed them, but rest assured, there are some lovely springy ones waiting to be assembled.