Friday Fun Facts

Friday Fun Facts: Farmer, Father, Dungeon Master - Getting to know Marcus

Time for another installment of our Friday Fun Facts series and I’m super excited to include hubby, Marcus! He will be joining the blog crew over the coming months to share about our very first chicken flock {YES, chickens} and some other helpful farming/homesteading/growing posts. But most importantly, we welcome him to bring a “dad’s perspective” to this whole parenting thing! First, let’s get to know him a little bit more…

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Mourning Mamahood

I blinked and he was suddenly three.


Mourning Mamahood ~ thoughts on motherhood ~ blog post by Bubblegum Sass
Sam a few weeks old (2012)

This has been a big week. Between bathroom renovations, our washing machine officially dying and rearranging bedrooms to accommodate Sam’s new big boy bed {all in a five day period} I feel like our home was turned upside down and inside out. Or at least, that’s how these changes are making my tummy feel. A little queasy and uneasy. I’m not necessarily a fearless person when it comes to change. I hesitate, I deliberate, I ponder and I get a bit grumpy.