Living With Essential Oils: April Picks

Living With Essential Oils: April Picks - Lemon, Geranium & Lemongrass Oils


Oh dear, April is getting away on us. It’s already half done! Our last couple weeks have been bogged down by a chest cold running through the house and I seem to have gotten worse than anyone else. And the snow. Oh the snow. It’s the gift that keeps on giving this year and we’d really appreciate if it would just stop, or at least turn into rain. Hard to be motivated for spring. But IT IS technically spring! So here’s a quick little essential oils inspiration for {what’s left} of this month!

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Living With Essential Oils: Lemon Oil in the Kitchen

Living With Essential Oils: Lemon Oil in the Kitchen ~ By Bubblegum Sass ~ Simple ways to add lemon oil to your cooking
One day, while attempting to make a tasty salad dressing, I decided to add in a drop of lemon oil instead of the lemon juice concentrate we had in the fridge {we don’t often have fresh lemons in the house}. The result was wonderful! And since then, I’ve been playing with adding lemon oil, here and there, to some of our simple dishes. Read on, if you’re curious about how we’ve been using this essential oil in our cooking.


A Keyword Story

This week baby is the size of a lemon!

Sour flavor
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Ways I like lemon best (especially in the summer):

  • thinly sliced and cooked on top of fish
  • juice or wedges in an ice cold glass of water or sun tea
  • freshly squeezed on jicama (as a salad or just jicama sticks for snacking)
  • my family’s Yummy Lemon Dessert recipe (yes, this just uses instant lemon pudding and not fresh lemon, but it’s so darn good)… The most similar recipe I could find online for this is here. We’ve never put add nuts to it though, but that sounds like a nice twist.