Ten Years & Counting

Ten Years & Counting ~ Celebrating our tenth anniversary!


Today we celebrate our 10th Anniversary!! Feels like we just celebrated our 5th and here we are already! Some years have flown by, some days have dragged on, and some moments will always be frozen in time. So thankful that we said “I Do” and that we were able to share that day with so many of our loved ones that are no longer with us today.

We are blessed.

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Roots & Connections

Roots & Connections: One story of how our past finds its place in our present


Throwing it waaaay back today. A glimpse of my sweet mama as a child {circa 1950ish}, in her Grandpa’s greenhouse.

Sometimes I don’t really think about how far back my “green thumb” roots go, but it hit me one day standing in the fields this summer on our farm. And I remembered some old photos of my mom in the family greenhouse.

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Memory lane

Five years ago today, I woke before the sun came up. Had coffee with my soon-to-be sister-in-law and then got super pampered at the salon. Hubby & I helped each other get dressed in all our finery and then were whisked off for photos. Step by step, getting closer to the moment when we would say very special “I do’s” before family and friends.

Feels longer than five years ago. Those closest to us know just how much we’ve managed to pack into that short time together. We’ve seen each other through good times and bad, through sickness and health, through loss and a birth, through poorer and richer. We’ve loved each other, liked each other, been grumpy with each other, and yes, even yelled at each other. But I’m praying we’ll continue to be best friends for life. We’re still learning how to be husband and wife, a never-ending process. And now we’re also learning how to be a papa and mama.

Today I am remembering how it felt to just be “me” on our wedding day:

Sarah's wedding converse shoes

Remembering our closest siblings, that stood by our side that day:

Blake, Sarah, & Aaron at Sarah's WeddingTina & Marcus at Marcus' Wedding

Remembering the beauty of the sky & how dramatic it was:

Sarah & Marcus on Scotsman's hill

And being swept away be a kiss:

Sarah & Marcus kissing by train

Happy Anniversary, sweetie.