Word of the Year: Communicate

Word of the Year 2020: Communicate


I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. They’ve just never been my kind of thing. I have always enjoyed doing reviews of the past year, looking back and making note of highlights, favourite things, pastimes, moments, decisions, etc. But a New Year for me doesn’t signal dramatic change or big goal setting. That said, as 2019 drew closer to its end, I pondered participating in the “Word of the Year” {you know, like reflect on where you want to be, where you see yourself & discover a word that resonates, a word that could be your theme for the year}.

So I’ve been reflecting. Visualizing. Considering.

There was one word, in particular, that stood out ~ Communicate ~

I often don’t feel like a very good communicator. I write better than I speak. I too often expect my hubby to read my mind or my actions, instead of just sharing words. We both fully admit communication is the weakest part of our marriage. Beyond that, I let too much go unsaid, even though I talk a lot. The “good stuff”, the stuff of meaning, gets ignored. Avoided maybe.

I want to take ~ Communicate ~ and carry it with me through the coming days.

There are three main elements to the word, that I am focusing on: clarity, consistency, and transparency.

  • Clarity ~ in my meaning and in word usage, as a parent & wife
  • Consistency ~ regular, routine, to the point of daily habit
  • Transparency ~ in my feelings, giving voice to my authentic self

I don’t exactly have an action plan for my word. For now, I just keep repeating it to myself throughout each day. When I see an opportunity to improve my communication, I try to act on that, in that moment. I want to put up some visual reminders around the house too. Have you ever chosen a “word of the year”? Any tips on keeping that word alive for yourself throughout the year?

Living With Essential Oils: January Picks

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Sad goodbyes and anxious hellos

Marcus & Sarah Napping
Photo by Scott Frank

That is how much of 2011 went. Started the past year off by saying goodbye to a much loved job and wonderful co-workers after a round of layoffs, which allowed me to dive into the nerve-wracking adventure of running my own craft business. I sat for months anxiously awaiting the birth of my friend’s babies, two special ones in particular, while mourning our own loss when my first pregnancy came to a sad and quick end (I don’t think I ever really said much about that here on the blog… a very private loss that has become a bit easier to share now that we have a healthy, full-term baby on the way). All the while, my mother’s diagnosis was going from pretty good to not-so-good when it was discovered that her cancer was already stage 3.

Hubby and I made the decision somewhere along the way to be baptized, together. It started out as a way to confirm the faith and reliance in God that has grown stronger and stronger in our lives. To say goodbye to old thoughts and habits, to be forgiven and to forgive. Who knew one of my greatest challenges would come the very night before our baptism? A horrible phone call to confirm fears that I’ve carried with me for too long. My oldest brother had died. At first we wondered how we could possibly go through with our baptism the next day… but that quickly changed to “how could we not?!” A clear sign from above that life is precious and often shorter than we expect. So instead of pulling away from our faith, we leaned into it even more.

Saying goodbye to my brother has had to be the hardest thing to do this year. In a way it has become more difficult for me as my due date draws near, knowing that he will miss holding his first niece or nephew. We will make sure our little one knows who he was and the amazing things he did to change the lives of others.

And so we sit and wait for the greatest of “hellos” we will ever have. A hello to the small life that has been growing inside me, to the person who has and will continue to forever change our lives. If we thought 2011 was a full and life changing year, just wait till this small babe arrives in only eleven more sleeps. Here we come 2012…

Super Treasury Love

Had a lovely surprise today! And of course it was perfectly timed too, as all thing seem to be. Was feeling really down about my Etsy shop and wondering what to do with it in the New Year. And then, it happened. Something that has always felt soooo far out of reach… one of the treasuries that I curated ended up on the front page of Etsy!!! Can you tell that I’m just a “little” excited about it?!

Silver Head To Toe is a New Year’s Eve/holiday party themed treasury. And so as this year comes to a close, I can happily say that I achieved two of my big goals with my Etsy shop. First, I sold an item to a complete stranger from another country. Check. Done. Second, managed to have one of my treasuries featured on the front page. Check. Done. There’s lots of other little achievements, of course, but these two were actually written down in my list of “I know I have reached a level of success, when…” items. Huge thanks to all those Etsy folks who viewed, clicked, and favored that treasury! Made my day and gave me just the positive boost I need to head into the New Year.