Making new friends

Someone has been busy making new friends, from the comfort of his crib. Sam was given this amazing crochet mobile by my friend Kalen of Minibytes. She’s been mentioned on this blog lots, seeing as she has been my oh-so-wonderful boothmate at some monumental craft shows (aka Make It). I was delighted to see this special mobile get hung in the nursery (my apologies on the dark photos these days… every time I get a chance to drag the camera out, it’s overcast & gloomy).

Sam and his mobile
Sam talking to his new friends

The mobile is all done in crochet. Kalen used her Minibytes critters (owl, bunny, mouse, and fox) and added some clouds & stars. The critters just Velcro onto the strands, so we can remove them for some supervised play time or even change them out with different animals. Sam has really been enjoying it! He can entertain himself in his crib for little stretches of time while mama does things around the house. The giggles and talking he does in there is just adorable. I’m so glad he likes his new friends! And who wouldn’t love those cute critters?! Thanks again, Kalen! If you’re interested in your own crochet mobile, she has a couple versions for sale in her Etsy shop.

Crochet mobile
Crochet mobile made by Kalen of Minibytes

Crochet mobile detail

Today is brought to you…

… by the letter “S” and all things cute & circular. Here they are, finally, the bit of crafting I managed to do (as mentioned before). I had these all prepped & ready to go before Sam was even born. Bit by bit, stitch by stitch they came together. Then they sat for a couple weeks waiting to be hung in the nursery and then its taken me a couple more weeks to remember to photograph them. Le sigh. Oh well. You know how things go sometime.

Nursery embroidery hoop decor

Snail embroidery hoop

The inspiration for these came from various examples on Pinterest on ways to decorate baby nurseries. I took my own spin on the embroidery hoop decor, adding the little felt critters. The snail design and the small birdies were just free PDF downloads. The letter “S” was made with buttons (of course!). That was actually the project I worked on at the last Pinterest party (I promised pics of it, didn’t I?). Most of the fabric is 1930’s reproduction prints, except for the one used for the “S”.

Sparrow embroidery hoop

Letter 'S' Embroidery Hoop

I’d love to make up some more to hang with these. The cluster of them on the wall is so pleasing to my crafty eyes. And I think Sam likes them too (or at least we’ll let this mama go on believing that for now). Yay for no more bare walls in the nursery!

Stitch by stitch

There has been some more crafting going on, one small stitch at a time. I prepared several embroidery hoops with a variety of lovely fabrics (thanks mom for letting me raid your stash of prints). Oh yes, I know it’s hard to believe that I would need to raid someone else’s fabric stash given the vastness of my own crazy stash, but I wanted to use particular prints. My mom has been busy working away on Sam’s baby quilt, all of which is made from 1930’s reproduction prints and I was keen to use these same type of prints to decorate the nursery. The inspiration for this embroidery hoop decor can be seen on one of my Pinterest boards. I’ve been slowly working away on hand stitching designs onto each, a bit every evening between Sam’s feeds, when I can hand him over to hubby and have both hands free. Hopefully I’ll be done soon and I’ll share the finished project once the hoops are hung in the nursery.

Baby’s hideaway

So here we are, only one sleep away from welcoming baby. Can you believe it?! The time has really flown by. Lots of things didn’t get finished and will just have to wait for another time. I’m okay with that. We’ll take this all in stride, like we have all the other things that have come our way. That’s not to say that I’m not freaked out about how to keep an infant alive, though. I just mean that we’ll figure out how to fit things into our new life, find a new way of walking through each day and moment. I’m embracing the change that is coming our way.

Here’s a little tour of the nursery that has been slowly coming together over the past several weeks, as different bits of furniture arrived. The walls are looking a tad bare, but rest assured, there are plans in the works for getting it more cozy.

A comfy glider chair (courtesy of mom) and pretty new dresser with change table on top
Sweet crib (Toys 'R Us) and bookshelf (Ikea)
Nursery birds
Cute crochet birdies
Closet, diaper pail & hamper ready for use
Closet knobs
Pretty knobs for the closet, purchased at Anthropologie

A couple of notes… the crib sheet, which you can’t see too great in these photos, is adorable! Just take my word for it. I purchased it from a fellow Etsy Alberta teamie, Jaimie, who runs Parker & Posie. Thanks so much Jaimie!

And as for those wondering about the little crochet birdie family, I made them up over a year ago, using a tutorial by Attic 24. I simplified things a bit (as I tend to do) by just cutting the wings and beaks out of felt, instead of crocheting them. They have little buttons for eyes and feet and they hang from a ribbon. I made two sets of these birdies at the time, but the other set has four birds… maybe one day in the future we can upgrade to that, but for now, the number three suits our little family.

Those knobs on the closet doors are a big deal (to me, anyway). Since the day we moved into this house, those door have been without knobs. Who knows where the previous owners put the original knobs! It didn’t matter much for a couple of years, because this room was the office and the closet didn’t see much action. But as we started converting this room into the nursery, it became more and more important to me to have, not just proper knobs, but unique knobs. We finally made our way down to Anthropologie last week and quickly found several beautiful options. We decided on two of similar design, but each is a different colour. Keepin’ it quirky in the nursery!

Well, I guess that’s it… in less than 24 hours we will (hopefully) be snuggling with our new baby and embarking on a wonderful journey. I’ll introduce the little one on the blog, as soon as I am able. I am prepared to be very patient with myself as I recover from the c-section and learn to care for baby. *If I get a chance today, I hope to prep some pre-scheduled posts for you to continue reading while we are consumed by our new life.*