In the Shop: Spring Sale

Oh, yes. It’s SALE time! I’m ready to see a bunch of items go to a new home and finally get my shop to it’s newly curated state. It’s taken four years to discover more of what works & what doesn’t and it feels darn good to find my focus. Of course I’m happy that all of my lovely customers get to benefit from my need to clear things out.

Sooooo… starting today, there will quite a big CLEARANCE section in my shop. The items that are on sale, are clearly marked and price already reduced, by 40%!!! These are all one-of-a-kind items, so once, they’re sold, that’s it. The sale even includes some of my Upcycled Cuff Bracelets.

Bit by bit, my Etsy shop has been climbing up to 100 sales and I would be thrilled if I reached that during the sale. Would you help me out? DO take a peek at the sale, DO keep in mind upcoming birthdays, and DO pass along the sale info to any of your friends that might be interested. Thank you! Also, keep in mind, that if you’re in Calgary & would rather arrange a pickup time (and avoid shipping costs), just pop me a message before you place your order and I will give you a coupon to take off the shipping. Happy shopping!

Still cleaning

Day of the Dead Coin Purse by Bubblegum SassYes, the purging, cleaning and organizing continues at our house and in the shop too! Thanks to those of you who’ve helped me out so far and given some of the purses new homes last week. Much appreciated!

There is a lovely new sale on this week. All small purselettes are 20% off. This includes the collection of Day of the Dead coin purses! I never know what to call these little “zip pouches” (such a generic term). They are so handy for lots of things, not just for coin. I tend to use them more like purse organizers, to keep all the little things in that end up at the bottom of my purse (hello, lip gloss). Others have used them as small cases for their point-and-shoot cameras. And yes, you can keep your coin, cash & cards in them too. Lots of great fabrics to choose from! Sale ends March 17th.

Raspberry Corduroy Coin Purse with Doily by Bubblegum Sass

Turquoise Corduroy Coin Purse by Bubblegum Sass

Spring cleaning madness

Mango Sorbet Purse by Bubblegum SassMarch is often a month when spring cleaning kicks in for a lot of people. I’ve been afflicted with purging, cleaning, and organizing since the beginning of January! It started out of necessity while coming to terms with finally selling my big bro’s house. Then it seemed to follow me home, where my best little helper, Sam, and I tackled various corners, nooks, and drawers. Now it has spilled over into my Etsy shop!!

Why bother to clean out the shop? Well, besides the good feeling that comes from finding loving homes for my product, I’m super keen to make room for all the NEW product that has been sneaking into the shop, bit by bit. There’s also the dream of a more curated collection for the shop. Of course the best part about cleaning out my Etsy shop is that all of YOU get to reap some awesome benefits!

So, starting today and running the next couple of weeks, there will be some huge sales in the shop! I’ll keep you posted on upcoming sales details on the blog and the FB page.

To kick things off, from today till March 10th, ALL of the medium purselettes in the shop are 50% OFF!! Yep, you read that right. I’ve discontinued making these purses, so this is the last chance to purchase one through the shop. Many of these are OOAK (that means one-of-a-kind). They are a simple purse, not too big, but just big enough to be very versatile. I use mine to tote around my current crochet projects. Others have used them as lunch bags and camera bags. A lucky little girl even received one to carry her ballet shoes in! Too cute!

Rum Butter Purse by Bubblegum Sass

A little revamping

The notion of giving my Etsy shop a face-lift has been brewing in my mind for quite some time now. Of course, having a wee little man in the house has made it a goal that can only be achieved with small steps, slowly, over many weeks (or realistically, months). And the re-vamping has gone through a few stages already. First off, I knew that I wanted to re-photograph my small coin purselettes in a way that made them stand out a bit more, added some interest and spoke to my craftiness. I tried photographing several with buttons as a prop on a light wood background. The results were good, but it still didn’t help me achieve the desired effect. I simply couldn’t avoid it any longer and decided to re-photograph everything on a white (or nearly white) background.

Small Purselettes: Before

Small Purselettes: After

You can see the difference in the before and after screen shots. The first shot shows the “before” which includes the mix of photos, some on wood grain with buttons, some on a blue background, and the most recent on white. I decided to stick with the button props, but go with the white background and the final look can be in the second screen shot. I’m enjoying the consistency, the unique look that the buttons provide, and now, finally, my items can be more easily included in treasuries. My products have been featured in plenty of treasuries, but often only particular items & I’m hoping that the white background helps. Indeed, I think it already has, although I haven’t had time to dig through my shop stats lately.

The long term plan is to continue re-photographing each item onto a white background, especially my striped purses, which see very little treasury action, although they often get favored by Etsy shoppers. The newest addition to the shop, the upcycled cuff bracelets, have already been shot on a white background and I was even able to model some of them. Interestingly enough, the cuffs that are on a model get way more views than those that I just shot by themselves. Guess I’ll just have to add it to the list of things to do more of.

Besides re-vamping the look of things, I’m also doing quite a bit with the title and tags on each item. Our Etsy Alberta Team has started doing critiques of listings, and I was fortunate to be included in the first week. I was given some great tips and am now slowly starting to apply those to all of my listings. Again, though, it’s a slow process.

What do you think of the new photos? Do you like the use of buttons as a prop? Do you think the coin purses look a bit more interesting? This whole Etsy thing is still such a learning process, although a fun one! I’ll try to keep you up-to-date on my re-vamping progress over the coming weeks.

Treasury Love

I’m down with a cold right now, but hoping to post later this week about how the markets went on the weekend. For now, here is a sassy treasury that I was featured in. The theme is sooo right up my alley!