Treasury Love: January 2015

This weekend is the Etsy Alberta Street Team treasury blitz, which I was thankfully able to participate in. So many good treasuries being made so far by fellow teammates.

Looking forward to getting together with these crafty gals & guys next week for an Etsy Meet Up. You do not necessarily have to have an Etsy shop or be on our team to attend. We are meeting on Friday, Jan 23 at the Triwood Community Centre (the entrance is at ground level between the main hall and the hockey arena. Please look for an Etsy sign and a forest green awning over the door). Starts at 6:30pm and goes till 9:30pm. We ask for a $5 donation to go towards the cost of renting the room, but other than that, bring yourself, a treat and any de-stash items you want to find a home for. Good company & good conversation pretty much guaranteed.

Treasury Love: Hello Again

It has been AGES since I shared any treasuries on the blog. This is partly because I haven’t been making too many treasuries in the last few months, and partly because when I was making Etsy treasuries, I was so rushed to get them done, I barely had time to share them around. No promises on regularly sharing them on the blog, but for the time being, here are two lovely collections. You can also periodically check on Etsy to see the latest treasuries I’ve put together:

Treasury Love (for dudes)

It has been soooo long since I’ve gotten to share any treasuries with you on the blog. There have been technical difficulties (the tool used to display them has not been working for quite some time), but viola! It appears to be functioning again! Just in time for a treasury blitz weekend with the Etsy Alberta Street Team. This treasury is not actually a team treasury, but one I made just because it’s Valentine’s and the dudes in our life don’t get enough attention in all the Valentine’s hype:

Treasury love

Thought I would share one of the treasuries I put together recently. Haven’t had a chance to do too many lately, but squeeze one in here & there when I can. I’m really enjoying the feel of this treasury in particular. Looking forward to sharing Christmas morning with my little family this year.

Special Treasury Love

I have found myself making a LOT of treasuries lately. Before Sam was born, I was really starting to pick up some momentum on Etsy through my treasuries. Of course, all of that got put aside once I had a sweet (although demanding) baby boy to look after. Recently, I’ve been getting back into it and feel like I’m finally getting my “groove” on. Even joined another Etsy team dedicated to treasury making, the Trendsetting Treasury Team. Today I was happily surprised to learn that one of my treasuries was chosen as the Treasury of the Week for the Etsy Teams email! I feel quite honored to represent our Alberta Team in this email! Here’s the treasury that was featured: