Reading Time: Our Fave Halloween Books

Reading Time: Our Fave Halloween Books ~ Books for kids


Are you ready for another addition of “Reading Time: Our Fave… Books”? Of course, what could be more appropriate right now than our fave Halloween books?! We do so love Halloween in our house! These books get read throughout the year, but we’ll make it special by reading some of them by the spooky glow of our Halloween lights & haunted village decorations. Join along, if you dare.

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Living With Essential Oils: Summer Sprays

Living With Essential Oils: Summer Sprays ~ DIY Bug Spray, Face Toner, and After Sun spray

In an attempt to get us organized {and comfortable} out at the farm this summer, I made up a few essential oil sprays to keep on hand. An After Sun Spray to soothe skin, Face Refresher toner, and Natural Bug Spray. They have been really lovely to have out there, especially the After Sun spray and Face Refresher. Those two spritzed on a cotton pad, are sooo soothing to the face at the end of a day spent in the hot sun & wind.

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Farm Days: Storm Watching

Farm Days: Life in a Trailer ~ The story of starting a small farm in Alberta


It’s a very different “home sweet home” these days.

A 27′ trailer, our five-year old, my husband and myself, plus two cats. All born and raised in the city. Add in a small generator, some patio furniture, a catio, and a fire pit. Now a good heaping of sweat, dirt covered hands and feet, and laughter. A dash of faith, stewardship, and creation care.

It’s our recipe for the summer.

Good enough is perfect, everyday.

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Canada 150

Happy Canada Day!

150 years, still makes for a young country. And certainly we haven’t done everything right in the past, but I AM proud to be a Canadian and call this nation my birthplace & home. All my days.

So cheers to you, fellow Canadian makers, growers, movers, shakers, dreamers!

Local Food Movement

150 Faces of YYC Growers ~ Local Food Movement

Ever heard of urban farming? What about the local food movement? There’s been a lot going on to increase awareness about eating local and supporting local producers & makers. Hubby and I are proud to a part of YYC Growers and Distributors through our small farm business, Happiness By The Acre. YYC Growers is a farmer/producer owned cooperative here in Calgary, with the vision for sustainable food that is delicious, healthy, fresh and supports community issues like environmental footprints, food security & food democracy.

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