DIY Valentine’s Day Lace Heart Garland

DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Although we don’t typically do a lot to celebrate Valentine’s Day at our house, we do decorate a wee bit. It’s nice to have a few pretty things around the house in the dead of winter. I especially enjoy a pretty wreath on the door (I get so sad when I take down my Christmas wreath). A wreath on the door always makes me smile when I arrive home. This year, I decided to spruce up our twig wreath with a shabby chic inspired garland. Annnd… I even remembered to document the process thoroughly so I could share it as a tutorial with all my lovely readers! That’s my bit of Happy Valentine’s to YOU!

Now, the number of hearts to make for your garland is up to you (that’s why no material amounts have been given in the supply list below). I just made three (two large & one small) to symbolize my small family of three. Also, as you will see, I attached this short garland to a wreath. If you want a longer garland to hang, say from your fireplace mantel, then you will need to cut & stitch more hearts (you could alternate small & large hearts, some lace covered, some not).

DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum SassHere are the supplies you will need for this project:

  • Bubblegum Sass Heart Template
  • Red craft felt
  • Pink craft felt
  • White or light-coloured lace
  • Buttons
  • Lace trim or ribbon (to hang hearts from)
  • Sharpie or fabric marker
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Print off and cut out the heart template (or use your own preferred heart template). Using a sharpie, trace around the template onto the felt.

DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Trace out your heart template onto the lace, as well. *For perfectionists, see note below (in sewing section) for a tip on cutting out the lace.*

DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Cutting just inside the marked line, cut out each heart shape.

DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Repeat above steps for all sizes of hearts in both felt & lace. For my short garland, I cut out: two large felt hearts, two large lace hearts, and one small felt heart.

DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Lay one lace heart over a matching felt heart, lining up the edges. Pin into place, as the lace tends to stretch & move a bit. Using a sewing machine zigzag stitch, sew all the way around the heart. Repeat with remaining hearts that you wish to layer with lace & felt. *If you really want your lace hearts perfectly lined up with the felt hearts (I know there are perfectionists among us), then I suggest cutting your lace hearts out slightly larger than the felt hearts, zig zag stitching them on and then trimming the edge of the lace so it is even with the felt.*

DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Choose your buttons and stitch onto each heart, either on the left or right upper corner of the heart.

DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Measure and cut the length of lace trim/ribbon that you will hang the hearts from (mine was about one meter or 39″, but of course cut whatever length is going to work for your own project. A longer garland will require a longer lace trim/ribbon.) Fold this in half and mark the half-way point (with a pin). Position your center heart here and pin into place, along the back of the heart.

DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Position remaining hearts along the lace trim/ribbon, pinning into place on the backside. Tip: Place your lace trim/ribbon on the upper part of the heart, or else the hearts tend to flip over once hung. Once pinned into place, use a hot glue gun to attach the lace trim, removing pins as you work. If you would prefer, you can stitch the lace trim/ribbon into place.

DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Voila! A pretty lace heart garland to hang. Besides using it to decorate for Valentine’s Day, I think it would be a sweet addition to a baby room. And of course, you could make it in any combination of colours.

DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

DIY Lace Heart Garland ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

My completed project, with the lace heart garland attached to our twig wreath & hung on the front door. The wreath, by the way, is one that my hubby made for fun one year out of lilac bush branches.

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In The Studio: Dyeing Lace Trims DIY

DIY Lace Trim Dyeing ~ Tutorial Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

I realized early on in my making of the Love Catchers, that I was going to need a steady supply of lace trim to decorate them. Now, I try to use as much upcycled materials & materials that I have on hand as possible, but it’s hard to resist some new embellishments. It is possible to buy ready-made colourful lace trims (which I have done), but I felt a bit limited by colour choices and widths. So often I would find a package of lace trims online that were the perfect colour (there’s hardly any trim readily available locally), but the package would contain short lengths of various widths, many too wide for the Love Catchers.

I finally decided that to flush out my selection of trims, I would purchase plain cotton, dyeable lace trim in large quantities and then dye them myself. Mostly I want to focus on making the Love Catchers themselves, and with limited time for all the crafting, I chose to purchase ready-made dyes to simplify the process. The supplies for this adventure were purchased online at the Dharma Trading Co. or were items I already had on hand. Dharma Trading Co. does offer natural plant dye options, if you would prefer to dive into that. I ordered a small selection of Tumble Dye. The fact that you could spray or dip dye with them appealed to me. Also, lovely selection of colours!

Suggested Supplies:

  • Dyeable lace trim
  • Bottles of Tumble Dye
  • Rubber gloves
  • Glass pan or large glass measuring cup
  • Flat plastic trays or baking sheets
    (For air drying the lace. I used the plastic lids from some storage containers)
  • Dryer


Hand Dyed Lace Trim ~ DIY Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass


I wet the lace before applying any dye. Then I laid the lace out in the glass pan and sprayed it with the dye. Then I flipped the lace over and sprayed it a bit more. I didn’t pre-mix any dyes, but did combine some of the dyes simply by alternating which one I sprayed, to achieve desired colours.

Once enough dye has been sprayed on, wring the lace trim, allowing the excess water and dye to fall into the glass pan. Then place the lace trim back into the excess dye, rub it in a bit, flip the lace over and rub in the remaining dye. I did this step, to ensure there wasn’t any large white spots on the trim. *see note below*

Hand Dyed Lace Trim ~ DIY Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Once you’ve got the lace trim the colour & hue you want, lay it out on a plastic try or baking sheet and let it air dry completely. Once it’s dry, pop it into the dryer for about 20min (I just used our medium heat setting). So far I have just been using the lace trim for my Love Catchers, which do not go into the wash. According to the instructions, putting the dyed items into the dryer should set the colour, but I haven’t personally tried washing any of them yet.

Hand Dyed Lace Trim ~ DIY Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Viola! Pretty, pretty lace trims in a rainbow of colours, ready to be made into even prettier things!

Hand Dyed Lace Trim ~ DIY Blog Post ~ By Bubblegum Sass

*If you wish to a achieve a much more even dye colour, just pour some of the dye into the glass pan, and do a dip-dye method instead of using the spray applicator. I prefer the spray applicator to achieve the vintage shabby chic look, but it’s up to you.*

Keep experimenting (I know I still am) and have fun with your dyeing projects!

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In the Shop: Button Hair Clips

Busy, busy, busy, that is what I have been. Managed to get a bunch of button hair clip sets photographed and listed in the shop over the past 10 days. These include some of the very pretty Fancy Hair Clips that I started making with weddings in mind. I’ve had a bunch of those just sitting around for months & months. Tsk, tsk. Gotta get better about listing product. Doesn’t really do any good just sitting in a box in the sewing room, right?

Fancy Lace Flower Button Hair Clips, Shabby Chic Wedding Accessories ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Fancy Purple Button Hair Clips, Shabby Chic Wedding Accessories ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Also, there was such interest in the Frozen-inspired clips, that I decided to make up some more and list those too. I kept thinking they were kind of seasonal because I originally made them with winter & Christmas in mind. Of course, when hubby pointed out that they looked like Frozen Hair Clips, I realized that little girl’s will likely long to be Queen Elsa year round :-) Check out the full selection of Button Hair Accessories in the shop.

Frozen Inspired Button Hair Clips ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Frozen Inspired Button Hair Clips ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Still more Love Catchers to come and longing to re-photograph some of the existing product to make the shop look more consistent. Also… keep your eyes open for a sale in the shop this spring. In hopes of clearing out old stock and putting together my curated collection, I will need to find homes for a bunch of items. Oh, oh, oh, annnnd hubby and I had a meeting the other night and hammered out the redesign of this blog!! YES! So you might notice some things look wonky over the next couple weeks or the site might actually go done for a short period, but all for the sake of good things! So much exciting stuff going on right now! Liking 2015 already.

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Treasury Love: January 2015

This weekend is the Etsy Alberta Street Team treasury blitz, which I was thankfully able to participate in. So many good treasuries being made so far by fellow teammates.

Looking forward to getting together with these crafty gals & guys next week for an Etsy Meet Up. You do not necessarily have to have an Etsy shop or be on our team to attend. We are meeting on Friday, Jan 23 at the Triwood Community Centre (the entrance is at ground level between the main hall and the hockey arena. Please look for an Etsy sign and a forest green awning over the door). Starts at 6:30pm and goes till 9:30pm. We ask for a $5 donation to go towards the cost of renting the room, but other than that, bring yourself, a treat and any de-stash items you want to find a home for. Good company & good conversation pretty much guaranteed.

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In the Shop: Love Catchers

I have not been as productive this past week as I needed to be. Looking on the positive side of things though, I DID manage to photograph & list new items in my Etsy shop. Yep, you read that correctly. New items in the Etsy shop!!!! I’m just a tad excited about that! Feels good to FINALLY be able to share my Love Catcher beauties with the rest of the world! Here are some of the small 4″ Love Catchers that are in the shop right now (with more being made weekly):

Blue & Yellow Love Catcher ~ Bubblegum Sass

Green and Yellow Love Catcher ~ Bubblegum Sass

Pink and White Love Catcher ~ Bubblegum Sass

Pink and Aqua Love Catcher ~ Bubblegum Sass

There is also a small selection of slightly larger Love Catchers. The ones below are 8″ in diameter, but I make up to 14″ (and would love to try a super-duper large one sometime… just picture a hula-hoop sized one… craziness, I know, but I still want to try).

Large Pink and White Love Catcher ~ Bubblegum Sass

Large Green and Yellow Love Catcher ~ Bubblegum Sass

Adding the new product to the shop also means, that my shop is starting to take on the look & feel that I REALLY want to capture with Bubblegum Sass going forward. I’ve had to take a hard look at my product lines and re-assess things. I’m getting closer to that curated collection that I’ve been pondering for two years now. TWO YEARS?! Actually, you could say it has been a process of FOUR YEARS. Four years of trying to figure out just what Bubblegum Sass is truly all about.

It wasn’t something that I could just sit down and decide, hammer out in a bit of brainstorming & write-up in a business plan. It has taken lots of trial and error; going too far in one direction and having to come back again. Of course, meanwhile, the rest of life happens (sometimes too much of it) too and constantly influences my work. There’s a lot of creative vomit that seems to have to happen before you can get to the really good stuff. Let me just say friends, I truly feel on the verge of the really good stuff right now. Hope you’re going to stick around to see how it all turns out.

Etsy Shop ~ Bubblegum Sass ~ January 2015

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And Then He Turned Three

Three years ago today, we welcomed this cute bundle of warm cries & bright eyes into our life.

Sam as Newborn ~ Bubblegum Sass

The days were long, but the weeks flew by as we kept our Sammy safe, happy, and loved.

Sam at One Year Old ~ Bubblegum Sass

We rediscovered the world around us through the eyes and mind of a toddler;
frustrating at times, but also fascinating.

Sam at Two Years Old ~ Bubblegum Sass

We’ve tried to keep up with this boy of ours, who is always changing and challenging us. This parenthood journey has been the greatest learning curve I have ever found myself on. His smiles still make it worth it though.

Sam at Three Years Old ~ Bubblegum Sass


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Treasury Love: Hello Again

It has been AGES since I shared any treasuries on the blog. This is partly because I haven’t been making too many treasuries in the last few months, and partly because when I was making Etsy treasuries, I was so rushed to get them done, I barely had time to share them around. No promises on regularly sharing them on the blog, but for the time being, here are two lovely collections. You can also periodically check on Etsy to see the latest treasuries I’ve put together:

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When We Were Artists

Hubby and I are determined to get our basement under control over the coming weeks. We had our first day of clean-up last weekend, in which a truck load of junk was hauled to the dump and a car load of reusable stuff awaits a trip to the thrift store. Yes, success! Still a lot more to tackle, but starting this process felt great.

Even better were some of the treasures that were rediscovered down there, including these, bags of baby dolls dressed in Corporate Reich uniforms. A blast from our art school past! Hubby and I traveled from thrift store to thrift store to find all these dolls. Then we designed & silk screened the fabric, and cut & sewed each individual uniform.

Our Little Children ~ Art Exhibition by Sarah Springer & Marcus Riedner ~ 2004

Corporate Reich Baby Doll Uniforms ~ by Sarah Springer & Marcus Riedner ~ 2004

Good thing I hang onto to stuff, because I managed to find a copy of our artist statement in one of my old sketchbooks. It’s full of terms like “globalization”, “dehumanization”, “corporate dream”, “corporate ladder”, and “maximum conformity”. Basically the baby dolls represented children & innocence, which are burned to fuel the “corporate dream”, in a world where human power is a natural resource, and so often mistreated. (I can send you a full copy of our statement, just leave a comment).

I dug through our old photos and found pictures from the exhibition itself, entitled Our Little Children, which was held in February 2004 at the University of Calgary’s Little Gallery. Yes over a decade ago, and we still have all the dolls lingering in our lives (but no for much longer)

Our Little Children ~ Art Exhibition by Sarah Springer & Marcus Riedner ~ 2004

The dolls that we dressed in uniforms were put into a pile on the gallery floor. Other dolls, without uniforms, were burned & dirtied with charcoal and then suspended from the ceiling to act as burnt embers. Benches were set up and viewers were invited to sit around the crackling “campfire”.

Our Little Children ~ Art Exhibition by Sarah Springer & Marcus Riedner ~ 2004

Besides the installation in the gallery, we put a lot of effort into the other details, along with much help from friends & family. The invites for the show were actually matchbooks. We purchased boxes of blank ones and spent a weekend sticking our own custom stickers to them and signing our names to the inside. These were handed out and left around town.

Our Little Children ~ Art Exhibition by Sarah Springer & Marcus Riedner ~ 2004

I also sewed Marcus and I matching outfits for the opening of the show using leftover fabric from the baby doll uniforms; a skirt for me and I shirt for him. It’s hard to believe we were that cool! But art school does that to you. My brother Aaron also silk screened our Corporate Reich logo onto t-shirts, which we wore into the ground. In fact, hubby still wears his as a “work-shirt” (out in the gardens & on the farm).

The entire project was actually quite a large undertaking, when you consider that this wasn’t done for a class, but just because we thought it would be “awesome” to do an art show together. Ahhh… young love. Our good friend said to me at the time, “if you two can survive this project together, not kill each other, you’ll be together for good.” Looks like he was right. Good thing too, because hubby and I have a tendency to take on big projects, like starting our farm business.

As for the baby dolls sitting in our basement, they are waiting for the snowstorm craziness to stop in Calgary & then they will be dropped back off at the thrift store. Cycle of a doll’s life, I guess.

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Best Intentions

Green and Yellow Love Catcher by Bubblegum Sass

It’s funny how quickly the best intentions can go awry. I dedicated a full day and several more hours (that’s a lot of time to a mama) to business brainstorming and planning for the New Year, including a production schedule, goals for social media, and areas to re-vamp & improve. I was feeling excited and energized for 2015, with big goals & even lofty dreams.

And then it hit me this past weekend. I was doing it again; falling into the same trap I have stumbled into each year. Not the trap of “too many expectations” or even “too few”.

I was planning MY year, as though it were my OWN. Here was page upon page of brainstorming & notes, even some of the tactics I would employ to make these goals a reality. It NEVER crossed my mind that the first step should be to turn to the Lord, the source of life & light. He didn’t even have a foot note in all these grand plans. I was completely missing the point. Again.

Here it is January 6th and I haven’t picked up my Bible since Christmas or come up with a reading plan or been praying regularly & intentionally. And yet, “I have made plans for 2015.” How absurd & impossible that seems now.

Blue & Yellow Love Catcher by Bubblegum Sass

Realistically, I’m not throwing all *my plans* out the window, but I’m asking for a re-do to the beginning of the year. Shifting priorities, and mindsets so that the first thing I do is put HIM first.

What would you have me (& us) do, Lord?
My life is not my own.
Mostly, I long to be useful to you.
Show me how to do that each & every day.
Thank you for being patient with me, yet again,
and for your gentle reminders.
Help me to pull back, slow down,
and walk alongside you, instead of racing ahead.
You first. All else will follow.

I wish you all much clarity and patience along your own paths this year.

Commit your way to the Lord ~ Pslam 37:5 ~ Bubblegum Sass Blog

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A Year In Review: 2014

Celebrating mama's birthday ~ December 2014

I did one of these last year and decided to share my 2014 tidbits too:

Age: 33

Most enjoyed books:
1. Yada Yada Prayer Group (the ENITRE series was so enjoyable!) by Neta Jackson
2. Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa-Jo Baker
3. The Bible. Yes. It felt so good to make reading the Bible part of my daily routine.

Best food discoveries:
1. Making & canning tomato sauce
2. Roasting duck
3. Various yummy edible uses for dandelions

Biggest Challenges:

1. Attempting to figure out the new balance of pretty much everything in our life during hubby’s first year of intense market gardening
2. Having to take on the majority of our own gardening & subsequent food preservation (with the help of small toddler hands). In the past, I just played the role of assistant while hubby led the way. Felt like a bit of a crash course this year in everything garden related.
3. Still trying to figure out how to fit in enough crafting & Bubblegum Sass business time on a regular basis so that I can feel satisfied.

Lessons learned:
1. Slugs will demolish a garden in a blink of an eye. Do NOT put off dealing with them or you will be left with nothing but slimy, half eaten beans.
2. Do not be afraid to make changes or tell people when something isn’t working out. If it’s not sitting “right” with you then do something about it.
3. Verbalizing your honest feelings to a two/three year old, is better than yelling at them. (I am frustrated, I am tired, etc).

Smartest decision I made: NOT closing up shop and giving up on Bubblegum Sass, even though I came very close a couple of times this year out of pure frustration.

It’s been a long time in the making, but: my Bubblegum Sass product line and booth design is FINALLY coming together. Four years into this whole thing and I’ve finally figured out my brand and feel like I’m on the verge of a very cohesive collection. Hoping to bring the blog, website, and Etsy shop all in line with that identity in 2015!

Highlight moments/events:
1. Our family dream trip to Disney World and our very first cruise on board a Disney Cruise ship! Our adventures there were chalk full of “once-in-a-lifetime” moments!
2. Two AMAZING craft shows this year that made every effort I put into the business worth it!
3. Getting to see my fave Broadway musical Wicked live, not once, but TWICE this summer!

Glad I finally:
took a vacation somewhere warm, wore a bathing suit, and treated ourselves to lots of little indulgences after the last several challenging years we’ve had. Much needed time away together.

Most thankful for: another year of being a stay-at-home-mom. As much as each day challenges me, I wouldn’t trade it, not if it meant missing out on so much Sammy time.

I am admittedly, not good at asking for help. I’d rather suffer through something than delegate it. This is not a good quality in life or business. I might always struggle to ask for help, but I am so very blessed to have willing, helping hands at my disposal. A VERY special thank you to my hubby, Marcus, for his dedicated support to my business. He helps whenever I get up the nerve to ask for it, and offers even when I don’t. A VERY special thank you to my dear friend Shauna, who enthusiastically volunteered to lend me a hand at craft shows this year, even though it meant a ton of life scheduling & organizing on her part. Your offer of time, big or small, has meant a world of encouragement to me!

And lastly, but not leastly, THANK YOU to all the readers of this blog, my wonderful customers, followers on social media, fellow crafters & artisans. You made it possible to keep going with Bubblegum Sass another year. You inspired, challenged, and encouraged me. I am realizing that small growth, is growth nonetheless and that thought warms my heart as I move into an exciting new year.

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