Living With Essential Oils: Smoothie Goodness

Living With Essential Oils: Smoothie Goodness ~ By Bubblegum Sass ~ Oils that make healthy additions to smoothies

Let’s be clear. I’m not one of those wonderful folks who lives their life around smoothies. I don’t own a special blender or juicer {although sometimes I dream of having one}. I don’t have a pile of fresh ingredients set aside in the fridge to blend & consume every day. And I don’t have a list of powders/proteins/seeds/stuff that I add. I DO however enjoy smoothies. Simple fruit smoothies, with a dash of veg here & there, and lately a drop of oil.


Around Town: Craft Show Display

Craft Show Display Ideas ~ By Bubblegum Sass

This spring, I had the immense pleasure of being a vendor at two markets around Alberta! I don’t get to do too many markets & craft shows these days, so doing TWO (on back-to-back weekends) was a pretty big deal for me! There were lots of reasons to be excited, including having actual booths at both markets instead of a single table, and focusing primarily on selling my Love Catcher & Dreamcatcher designs. Today I’m sharing how I tackled my display at the shows.