Adoption Awareness Month: Our Own Story

November is National Adoption Awareness Month ~ Our Personal Adoption Journey


The little tiny seed of adoption was planted in our heads when we wanted to start our family, only to discover that I had complications that would make that difficult. Not necessarily impossible. But difficult. Hubby and I sat there facing the possibility that we might not be able to have children of our own. How did that feel? Could we accept that? What other options were we comfortable with?


That was the word that came out of that conversation.

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Living With Essential Oils: November Picks

Living With Essential Oils: November Picks ~ Cedarwood & Rosemary Young Living Diffuser Blends


Last week, we welcomed winter to Calgary. Lots of snow & cold wind, which means we also had to embrace sleds, shoveling, snowsuits, and all the layers. November typically brings snow to the city and marks the beginning of the long haul to get to spring.

With this in mind, we have put together some monthly essential oil picks and diffuser recipes to fit the various moods of November. You might have noticed I said “we”. That’s because this month is the first time I’ve joined forces with my oils crew to bring you inspiration! We’re hoping to make it a regular thing.

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World Adoption Day

National Adoption Day ~ Adoption is Love


TODAY is World Adoption Day! Part of the Adoption Awareness Month that runs each November. Last year, at this time, I didn’t know anything about it. I mean, I didn’t know about World Adoption Day or Month, and I certainly did not know much about adoption. Period.

Except that God was calling us to become adoptive parents.

Ever patient.

Sometimes quiet & gentle. Sometimes loud & clear.

God was calling us to this journey.

And He is right here with us, in it.

Mom Tribe: More Shauna

We’re back to getting to know more about Shauna today! She’s the most recent addition to this blog and I can’t wait to collaborate with her, and read what she contributes in the coming months!

Mom Tribe: Meet Shauna ~ Mom Blog Collaboration


Have you ever blogged before?

I used to blog ( as a way of documenting our family’s life and adventures. Until one day, I just didn’t. No big monumental moment of why. I just naturally, progressively, shifted my online energy to instagram.

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Mom Tribe: Meet Shauna

Trying something a little different here on the blog. I’m opening it up for more collaborative writing with some of my friends, because although I love to blog, I recognize the significance in different voices. I also have a desire to empower other women through writing & sharing our stories. Authenticity & voice at work.

In this spirit, I am pleased to welcome my dear friend Shauna to the blog! She is eager to contribute, so I leave the rest of this introduction to her own {amazing} words.


Mom Tribe: Meet Shauna ~ Mom Blog Collaboration


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Roots & Connections

Roots & Connections: One story of how our past finds its place in our present


Throwing it waaaay back today. A glimpse of my sweet mama as a child {circa 1950ish}, in her Grandpa’s greenhouse.

Sometimes I don’t really think about how far back my “green thumb” roots go, but it hit me one day standing in the fields this summer on our farm. And I remembered some old photos of my mom in the family greenhouse.

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