Cowyboy Up! {Calgary Stampede Style}

Cowboy Up! {Calgary Stampede Style} ~ Family Fun at the Calgary Stampede ~ By Bubblegum Sass


There’s plenty of things to be proud about the city of Calgary. No matter, how cheesy, loud or crazy it gets, the Calgary Stampede is one of those things! As a born & raised Calgarian, I still get excited every summer for the Stampede. I anxiously look for the booklet in the mail, mark out a day when we can go down {and hopefully catch the World Stock Dog Championship}, and daydream of mini donuts until the fateful day arrives. Are you this nuts about Stampede, or is it just me? It can’t be just me, not when attendance can crack 1.2 million people each year!! Anywho, I thought I’d just share some highlights from our adventure this year.


Living With Essential Oils: Lemon Oil in the Kitchen

Living With Essential Oils: Lemon Oil in the Kitchen ~ By Bubblegum Sass ~ Simple ways to add lemon oil to your cooking
One day, while attempting to make a tasty salad dressing, I decided to add in a drop of lemon oil instead of the lemon juice concentrate we had in the fridge {we don’t often have fresh lemons in the house}. The result was wonderful! And since then, I’ve been playing with adding lemon oil, here and there, to some of our simple dishes. Read on, if you’re curious about how we’ve been using this essential oil in our cooking.


Summer Fun: Dino Ice Hunt

Dino Ice Hunt ~ Summer Outdoor Activity for Kids ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Sam and I spent many afternoons this summer on the back deck being paleontologists (dino hunters according to Sam). We froze some of his smaller plastic dino models in a block of water and used a toy hammer to chip them out of the ice. This is a pretty simple activity to get setup, it makes hot afternoons go a bit faster, and you get to cool down eating ice chips as you go. (more…)