Third time’s the charm

AeroGarden BasilAeroGarden BasilIn the fall, I shared my adventures of trying to start a herb garden, which failed twice. The second time, I discovered that there were all sorts of little flies living and breeding in the soil, flying all around the house. So before those pests could damage any of our other plants, I dumped the whole garden outside. With quite the “humph” and feeling fairly discouraged, I gave up on the herb garden for a while.

My lovely sister-in-law passed along her AeroGarden unit to try out. I’d seen the success she’d had with it, and so finally about a week and half ago, I got it all set up. Things sprouted within three days! Which is kinda crazy. Shows what some grow lights and plant food will do to help the process! Now we have small leafy bits. The dome covers have been removed and all the various herbs have sprouted. There are a couple of basil plants, a thyme, a mint, an oregano and a dill plant. So far, so good. We’ll see how things continue to progress.

Any gardeners out there start their seed prep yet? Hubby is trying to get some tomato seeds going inside. We hope to grow some in big pots on the back deck this summer, along with the wonderful veggie garden he has planned out. Such a green thumb! I want to be, but just don’t seem to have the same touch.

One down, one to go

Purses at craft showMarket Collective TableCoin purses at craft marketThe March Market Collective came and went so quickly. I still seem to be recovering from it and a touch of the flu. Many hours were spent in bed yesterday getting extra rest. But now I find that it is already Tuesday and the pile of things to do this week keeps growing.

The Market was a lot of fun. Some especially great musicians performed on Sunday! I had lots of wonderful help from family and friends. The table looked great (I think) and it was fun to display and sell Nicole’s jewelry. The down-side… the weather, and subsequently, the roads, in Calgary was really crappy on the weekend, especially on Saturday, which is usually the busy day at the Market. It seemed to keep a lot of people at home. Which I can completely understand. It was one of those weekends, where, if you don’t have to go out, then don’t go out.

Sadly, this meant a quieter Market. I only sold a few items, which is disappointing. I did, however, get plenty of wonderful compliments on my new purses, which was good to hear after spending the past few weeks pulling those together. Oh well. I totally expect to have some good craft shows and not so good ones too. The Market itself was super great, as per usual with Market Collective. Just can’t control the effect the weather will have on attendance. It does, however, make me a but anxious about the upcoming Make It show. Not in terms of weather, but in terms of how my items will be received there. There is always that nagging bit in my brain that wonders if my stuff is “hip” enough. And of course there is always the fine balance of what it costs to make an item and what people will readily pay for an item. Lots to consider, as usual.

Thanks so much to all the folks who did manage to attend Market Collective! Such brave & determined shoppers!

Of course I can!

Well over a month ago, I wrote a post-it saying “Order Banner”. I figured that it would be a good idea to have a Bubblegum Sass banner to hang at craft shows and markets. The post-it stared back at me for several weeks beside my sewing machine and every time I saw it, I thought, yes, I really should do that because who knows how long it will take to receive and what if I get into a craft show this spring… As it turns out I will be in at least two craft sales in the coming month. And of course, my procrastination totally worked against me because it will be two weeks before the banner is done.

Fabric BannerWhich is about the time I thought to myself, what the heck?! I’m a crafter. I can make my own damn banner! Gathering up some random pieces of black and pink fabric from the stash and a roll of Heat n’ Bond from my sweet mom, I got to work. Originally inspired by this fabric banner that was made for the Craftster booth. Mine is simplified owing to the fact that I am now at t-minus 2 days and counting till the Market Collective sale. Can I just say that, even simplified, I think my banner rocks! Way cooler than a Vista Print banner, which is still on order (as a back up to have on hand). Now simplified doesn’t mean that it didn’t take several hours, in case you endeavor to try this yourself. Cutting around all the letters is finicky work. My short-cut suggestion for this project, is to use Heat n’ Bold Ultra Hold, which requires no-sewing around the edges of your pieces. In fact, my mom urged me NOT to sew this type of adhesive because it starts to gum-up your machine and needle. Hopefully it will hold up well.

I’ll get some some better pics to share with you of the banner hanging at up this weekend at Market Collective.

Hopefully I will see some of you at the market. If not, have a most enjoyable weekend!

On the verge of spring

March Market Collective PosterThis weekend will be the first time Market Collective has had a show & sale during the month of March. And while the “official” first day of spring just passed us by, I am staring out the window at snow gently falling. That’s the way it is here in Calgary. Snow will likely continue to make an appearance into April and May. Ahhh… spring on the prairies.

The guaranteed continuation of snow and cold for the next while is why I will still have my scarflettes for sale this weekend at Market Collective, mixed with a bunch of my new purselettes, of course.

For those folks who live locally and are looking for something fun to do (indoors) this weekend, come on by Market Collective! I will be there both days, along with my lovely assistants, Tina and Lisa. The market will be in the old Ant Hill Building in Kensington (148-10 Street N.W.). It runs Saturday from 10-6 and Sunday from 11-5. Admission is $3 or a food bank donation. There’s always an awesome selection of local artists and artisans and live musical performances. Should be a good time!

Doilies, buttons, and corduroy, oh my!

Small Corduroy PurselettesOne of the things I have truly enjoyed about being able to focus a great deal more on my craft business, has been having the time to play and design. When I was working a full-time job and squeezing my crafting time into every possible hour in the evenings and weekends, I found that I did less playing and experimenting. If I had an hour or two in the evening, I preferred to use that time actually making something, rather than brainstorming ways to change the design, try new materials, and push things further. One of my university professors always said that a completed piece of art only comes into being after it has been pushed to exhaustion.

I still haven’t done quite as much experimenting and playing as I would like, but even being able to do some has got my creative juices flowing more freely. My small purselettes had started to become a bit too repetitive for my liking, and it was with great enthusiasm that I dove into exploring some new options. They are such a versatile product. Keeping the same basic shape and size, they are easy to be creative with, simply by changing the type of fabric used and tapping into the seemingly endless embellishment choices. Small changes, but satisfying none the less.

So here’s a sneak peak at some of the new purselettes that will be available at Market Collective sale next weekend. The colours seem so very autumny now that I’ve photographed them, but rest assured, there are some lovely springy ones waiting to be assembled.

Off to market we go

Black_white_red_purseletteThe past few days has been ripe with good news! The first item of much rejoicing is that I will be sharing a table with Nic from Noela Jewelry at the upcoming Market Collective on March 26 & 27 (a mere two weeks away)! EEEK! So happy that I’ve had so much time to dedicate to crafting lately or else it would be difficult to get enough inventory together with such short notice. All is fine though and who doesn’t love a deadline to work with?! I’m honestly much more productive when I have one. Yes, I’m one of those people. Nic makes some really lovely jewelry! I’m the proud owner of a couple pairs of her earrings and it will be a pleasure to help her out at the market.

The second item of much happiness and excitement is that I was accepted into the Calgary Make It show! Kalen from minibytes and I submitted an application to share a booth space a while back and we’ve had our fingers crossed since then that we’d be accepted. This will be the first time that I’ve actually sold anything with a booth space as opposed to a single table. Kalen and I were keen to share a booth instead of each of us trying it on our own. She makes adorable crocheted amigurumi and pin cushions! So looking forward to doing this show with her! Oh, and as a side note to how odd life can be, Kalen and I met online through the Alberta Etsy Street Team, but when we finally decided to meet up in person, we realized that we actually went to art school together. I love how we all cross in and out of each others lives and when we need it the most too. Simply fascinating!

All this good news means that I will hiding in the sewing room quite a bit in the coming weeks. I can’t think of anything more enjoyable!

Sassy crafter

Corbis business cardWell it has been almost a month and a half since my last day at work. Not sure where the time has gone. I’ve obviously been keeping quite busy with all my sewing. In all honesty, I have not missed my work. Sure, I’ve missed my co-workers, but thankfully had the opportunity to meet and chat with them and even had a crafty play-date. The work itself though, has rarely crossed my mind. It was time to move on, I’m certain of that and still feel quite relieved to have been “transitioned” out of the company (a polite way of saying laid off).

Although I toasted to that end with a drink (or two or more), I felt like I still needed to officially acknowledge this fairly major change. After watching Lemonade the movie back in January, I had become determined to participate in Cards of Change, a site that collects the stories of folks who’ve been laid off and yet manage to see the bright side of it all. People are encouraged to take their old business cards and write down one positive change since their lay off. I’ve been staring at my old Corbis business card for quite some now, wondering what to do with it. The result of which you can see here.

Looking on the bright side of all this change? Oh yes, I still am, even after a month and a half. This past week has been especially difficult to stay positive about life in general. That is why it seemed so important to take a step back and remember, with the challenges I face in life, I still have my gifts and talents. And I intend to use them.

I’m feeling so very thankful for Bubblegum Sass these days. Thankful too, for all the folks who support me.

**My Cards of Change submission was approved. View it on their site here**