Advent: A Flood of Troubles Calmed

Advent Essentials: Keeping the holidays simple and creating focus


Truth be told, I started working on this post before Advent started. Before our life took a sudden turn. I thought I knew what our Advent season would look like. I had a devotional in hand, the notion of daily quiet time, Advent candles at the ready, simplified Christmas goals & acts of kindness planned… we would quietly and joyfully anticipate the arrival of Christmas Day. An “ideal” Advent. But life is far from ideal, a lesson we have learned over & over.

All we can do is trust. Be present. And trust.

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Another Sad Goodbye

We pray for peace wherever she finds herself. Never gone from our hearts.

Judy Riedner

March 28, 1951 – December 4, 2017

Another goodbye ~ Judy


It is still with much shock and sadness that we share the unexpected passing of Marcus’ mom, Judy. She was only 66. As the days keep passing, her presence will be missed. We we not always the best of friends, but I loved her greatly. And I will be forever thankful to her, for raising the wonderful man that is now my husband.


Still Here

DIY Thread Savers by Bubblegum Sass

Just popping by to let you know that I am indeed alive. I think of my poor blog often and there is a long list of posts I would love to write & share with you. But it’s taking a lot of effort to get up each day. To face my sweet, but demanding three year old (and even more effort to face him when he’s miserable). To attempt a normal daily routine. To try and keep making things for customers. To maintain our household garden.


Goodbye For Now

Janice Springer

January 5, 1947 – April 24, 2015

My sweet mom has gone into the arms of Jesus.

Mom as a happy, first time, grandparent, holding new born Sam (January 2012)
Mom as a happy, first time, grandparent, holding new born Sam (January 2012)
My mom and I out on one of our many family hikes (1987)
My mom and I out on one of our many family hikes (1987)

Grandma Rosie

Sam with Great Grandma and Grandpa Springer
Sam with his Great Grandparents, September 2012

It is with a heavy heart that I share this news. My grandmother passed away on Saturday. It all happened very quickly, after a bad fall on Friday. Grandma Springer (or Grandma Rosie as the kids called her) was called into the arms of our Lord with her husband of 68 years by her side. I’m so glad she wasn’t alone. She was my last grandma. I’m grateful for the time we had to visit with her and Grandpa in November, and the time she got to spend watching Sam play. She was treated to several of his big hugs. I couldn’t find a photo from our last visit, but the one above is from the previous year (I can barely recognize Sam). I love this picture, because on the wall behind me, is a photo of each grandchild and great grandchild. Rosie & Grandpa even have a great, great grandchild.

My father is flying to Colorado on Wednesday to support Grandpa during this time and my brother & I are going to try and fly down later in the week for the funeral, so if I don’t get back onto the blog again this week, you know why.

I know that Rosie is now surrounded by the greatest love and peace we can ever experience. Forever in our hearts, goodbye Grandma.