Most Popular in 2015

Most Popular 2015 ~ Top selling Bubblegum Sass products

Got this idea from a fellow Etsy Alberta teammate and thought it would be fun to look back on the most popular Bubblegum Sass items sold in 2015. Of course, my most popular item by far, were the Love Catchers. So I put together the top three selling colour combos, along with the most popular Love Catcher designs. Here are the results:


In the Shop: Love Catchers

I have not been as productive this past week as I needed to be. Looking on the positive side of things though, I DID manage to photograph & list new items in my Etsy shop. Yep, you read that correctly. New items in the Etsy shop!!!! I’m just a tad excited about that! Feels good to FINALLY be able to share my Love Catcher beauties with the rest of the world! Here are some of the small 4″ Love Catchers that are in the shop right now (with more being made weekly):

Blue & Yellow Love Catcher ~ Bubblegum Sass

Green and Yellow Love Catcher ~ Bubblegum Sass

Pink and White Love Catcher ~ Bubblegum Sass

Pink and Aqua Love Catcher ~ Bubblegum Sass

There is also a small selection of slightly larger Love Catchers. The ones below are 8″ in diameter, but I make up to 14″ (and would love to try a super-duper large one sometime… just picture a hula-hoop sized one… craziness, I know, but I still want to try).

Large Pink and White Love Catcher ~ Bubblegum Sass

Large Green and Yellow Love Catcher ~ Bubblegum Sass

Adding the new product to the shop also means, that my shop is starting to take on the look & feel that I REALLY want to capture with Bubblegum Sass going forward. I’ve had to take a hard look at my product lines and re-assess things. I’m getting closer to that curated collection that I’ve been pondering for two years now. TWO YEARS?! Actually, you could say it has been a process of FOUR YEARS. Four years of trying to figure out just what Bubblegum Sass is truly all about.

It wasn’t something that I could just sit down and decide, hammer out in a bit of brainstorming & write-up in a business plan. It has taken lots of trial and error; going too far in one direction and having to come back again. Of course, meanwhile, the rest of life happens (sometimes too much of it) too and constantly influences my work. There’s a lot of creative vomit that seems to have to happen before you can get to the really good stuff. Let me just say friends, I truly feel on the verge of the really good stuff right now. Hope you’re going to stick around to see how it all turns out.

Etsy Shop ~ Bubblegum Sass ~ January 2015

In the Studio: Love Catchers

In preparation for the Market Collective Christmas show on December 5-7th, I’ve been sneaking in a bit of crafting time here & there. Mostly in the evenings while watching a show on Netflix (most recently Veronica Mars, and now onto the latest season of Vampire Diaries). Hoping for a bit more time in my actual sewing room in the coming weeks. The Love Catchers are starting to pile up, and I’m feeling very satisfied with how well they are all coming together. So how about some pics and quotes to inspire your week?

Love Catcher Lace Heart Prep by Bubblegum Sass

Love Catcher Hoop Prep by Bubblegum Sass

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” 

– Earl Nightingale

Love Catcher Heart Stitching by Bubblegum Sass

Colourful Love Catchers by Bubblegum Sass

Love Catcher Hanging Prep by Bubblegum Sass“When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”

– Proverbs 26:1

Shabby Chic Love Catchers by Bubblegum Sass

Blue Love Catcher by Bubblegum Sass“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

– C.S. Lewis