Button-spiration: Spring Flowers Pt. 2

Button flower pots by Flamingo Toes

Here is another adorable spring button flower project to keep you busy until we can enjoy actual flowers in the yard. The full tutorial can be found on the V Spot blog, by special guest blogger Flamingo Toes.

These little potted fabric flowers are actually quite small, only about 4″ tall. You can pick up all sorts of sizes of clay pots at the craft store these days (and they’re usually very inexpensive). You can either paint the pots, or leave them as is, depending on the look you’re going for. You’ll need some stuffing and faux green moss to fill the pots. Next choose some fabric and burlap to make your flowers. Really, you can use any fabric flower tutorial to create the blossoms, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the style she used here. I would likely use some of my scrappy flowers that I use to make the floral hair combs & brooches. However you decide to make your fabric flowers, just pop a button into the centre of each to finish them off.

Pretty darn adorable project to decorate a fireplace mantel, small shelf or Easter dinner centerpiece. In fact, they’re so simple to make, you could put together one for each Easter dinner guest to take home with them. Attach a little name tag to the pot and you’ve got adorable seating place markers. Lots of ways to use these guys! Have fun creating!


These beauties remind me of the Christmas trees wrapped in yarn that I made in December (which I’m realizing I never got around to blogging about…sigh). These Easter eggs are pretty darn cute. They’re made with jute/twine, but I bet they could be done with scrap yarn too. You can find the full tutorial on FitzBirch Crafts.

All you need is styrofoam eggs, glue, jute/twine/yarn, buttons, and cotton crochet thread. Now, when I made my styrofoam Christmas trees wrapped in yarn, I used a hot glue gun. The tutorial recommends PVA glue and a brush, but if I was going to give this a try, I’d probably whip out the glue gun (especially if I’m not doing it with kids).

This definitely feels like a possible nap time craft. And just picture them in a basket as an Easter center piece.

Happy crafting!