DIY Embroidery Thread Savers

DIY Embroidery Thread Savers ~ Blog Tutorial by Bubblegum Sass ~ Washi Tape & Button Crafts

I was recently on a mission to tidy up my Love Catcher sewing box. It contains all the bits and pieces I need to prepare the embroidery hoops for the Love Catchers. I began pulling everything out of the box and sorting things into piles, which is when I quickly discovered a mishmash of embroidery thread pieces. They’re good lengths of embroidery thread (perfectly suitable to keep around), so I whipped out some clothespins and got to work on organizing them. When I posted a picture on Instagram of the nicely organized threads, folks were tickled {and surprised} at how a simple thing like a clothespin could make such a great thread saver. And so, I’m sharing it here with you. Pull out your sewing box and errant threads and let’s get to work!



Thought I would share a button craft of my own creation this week. I made these cute button starfish a couple of years ago with the intention of stringing them together to create some kind of wall decor. You might be able to tell from the photos that I still have yet to do that though. Oh, the pile of unfinished crafts sitting around me…

These were simple to make. I traced and cut out a star shape (of course you could use any shape you’d like) on vellum to make a pattern piece that could withstand being used over & over. Then cut the star shape out of basic craft felt, twice (one for a front, one for a back). Repeat this for however many starfish you want to make. I did mine out a whole variety of colours. Next, grab your button collection and start stitching buttons onto both the front & back pieces of felt. I colour coordinated my buttons (pink buttons on red felt, light green buttons on dark green felt, etc.), but you decide what look you want. Then I used embroidery floss and a blanket stitch to stitch the front & back pieces together. Just remember to leave a side open & fill the starfish with some polyester batting, then continue to stitch them closed. Viola, a little button starfish.

Button Starfish by Bubblegum Sass

Red Button Starfish by Bubblegum Sass